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Industrial tablets and neglect the perfect combination of storage tank

by:Toponetech     2020-08-30
Industrial tablets and neglect the perfect combination of storage tank in this kindness forever, eat fast food in the city. Time is our everything, every day feel time is not enough, do not know whether you feel the same way. In the era of the electricity, I believe everyone used to buying things on a mobile phone move finger, things in the house the next day. The crown teck we discuss and you together, the era of intelligence coffer is convenient bring us what. 1. Smart store content ark, also called intelligent delivery box, is based on Internet of things, to be able to express, which can identify the staging, monitoring and management of self-service equipment. And crown teck industrial tablets and smart cabinet together form the intelligent tank system, industrial tablet can this system each locker for unified management, and to handle all kinds of information integration analysis, let our store items well. 2. Smart lockers in the work is based on embedded technology, with RFID, cameras all kinds of sensors for data acquisition, and then transmitted to the controller for processing the data collected, processed by various sensors to realize the whole operation of the terminal, including GSM SMS alerts, RFID identification, surveillance camera, and so on. Can use industrial tablets will be smart lockers to arrange, price information collected real-time update data on the network, respectively for the online shoppers, storing user access at any time, to save waiting time. 3. Industrial tablet system will pass, SMS, qr code, WeChat, etc. ) Sent to the customer, the customer with this content and interaction validation control system, to obtain the goods. Safe and reliable, and greatly improved the shopping malls and the convenience of customers, improve the efficiency and protect the customer's privacy and security at home. Let you travel safe, smart life experience.
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