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Industrial tablets after startup appears black screen?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-03
Industrial tablets after startup appears black screen? First check for industrial monitor refresh rate Settings are too high and cause, enter the safe mode right-click the desktop and select properties, choose the setting TAB in the open window, click the advanced button, select the monitor TAB, set the screen refresh rate can be lower. If you still can't solve the problem, consider whether the graphics card driver has a problem, in safe mode will video card driver uninstall and reinstall it again. In addition, the system infection virus is likely to lead to this phenomenon, suggest to room system in safe mode. 1, check the display is damaged, if the industrial monitor and video card installed, then please try using a normal industrial displays. If industrial tablet computer will no longer appear black screen phenomenon, then the reason is that industrial monitor may be damaged. 2, check whether industrial tablet parts installed into the firm: please check whether the display cable is firmly and reliably inserted into the industrial host interface, and then check the graphics card and motherboard of contact between the I/O slots are in good condition. If necessary, will take off, graphics card, please ensure that installed in place, to install a good contact. 3, test the CPU, video card and memory chips, such as industrial tablet still boot screen, can will all the components except CPU, video card, memory chips, then add electric start industrial tablets. If there is a fault memory, should have alarm. If not the memory, please change to a normal CPU, boot to detect. If still went black, can change a motherboard, problems should also appeared on the motherboard. In addition to hardware causes black screen phenomenon, the following three reasons may also cause blackout. A, the graphics card driver and video card is not compatible with DirectX installation procedures may be wrongly test graphics, and install the drive properly driver, please make sure to use the video card driver is correct. 1, click start, click control panel, and then double-click system. 2, select the hardware TAB, click the device manager button, then click on the display card or number + in front of the display adapter, then right click on the below the display adapter, and then click the properties button. 3, select the driver TAB, click the driver details button, used to display graphics card driver. If the driver used do not compatible with the graphics card, then please in the driver TAB, click update driver button, then press the screen instructions, install a new version of the graphics driver with routers on the network connection on a router is not what to do with the nets. Second, the hardware acceleration is set too high hardware acceleration can be made to deal with a large number of graphic software running more smoothly, but if computer hardware acceleration is set too high, may lead to black screen. To solve the blackout fault, please first try to reduce the hardware acceleration. 1, click the Windows start menu, click control panel, and then double-click display. 2, select troubleshooting TAB, under the hardware acceleration, the slider from the drag to nearly no position gradually. 3, click ok button. Three, disable 3 d acceleration or upgrade the graphics card drivers if Windows for 3 d acceleration configured, but the video card does not support this feature, so when running games or multimedia applications, black screen failure may occur. 1, click start, click run, and then in the open box type dxdiag, and press the enter key. 2, select display TAB, click the test under DirectX function Direct 3 d button, in order to obtain the correct Direct 3 d function. 3, if the screen does not appear in a rotating cube, suggests that the graphics card does not support 3 d acceleration. At this time, please click on the Direct 3 d accelerated after the disable button, in order to disable this feature. If your video card does not support 3 d acceleration, in addition to disable this feature, you can also contact the graphics card manufacturer and update the driver, to support DirectX 3 d acceleration.
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