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Industrial tablet which is better?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-02
Industrial tablet which is better? Industrial tablet computer just as its name implies is the industrial equipment, according to the industrial application environment, industrial tablet design mainly considering the dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, etc, therefore, industrial tablets using some special design, LCD panel using industrial-grade liquid crystal panel, the higher requirements for the environment, usually consider adopting wide temperature, highlighting and high-resolution liquid crystal display screen, from many Angle consideration of industrial environment, nanjing of seats ear intelligent industrial tablet is based on the following main design and production for reference. A 1, mechanical properties, diversification of installation method: embedded installation, frame type, a wall-mounted installation, desktop installation. 2, the size of the space: industrial tablet overall installation size, 8 & ndash; 21. More than 5 inch size is optional. 3, environmental resistance performance: full aluminium magnesium alloy structure. Light quality, installation convenient transportation; High hardness, strong resistance to scratch; Heat dissipation is very good, prolong the service life of the LCD panel; In bad industrial environment is not easy to rust corrosion; Dustproof design beautiful generous, panel waterproof level IP65; Internal treated with electromagnetic shielding, anti-static processing. Effective shielding of electromagnetic radiation on the imaging effect, even in the strong electromagnetic radiation or near images when using a fixed frequency distortion, not appear water ripples; To prevent electrostatic interference with communication signals and anti-static breakdown circuit boards, etc. 2 1, usability, durability, to ensure that the failure and maintenance time small simple, usage the exaggerated. 2, backlight, life in industrial applications due to the impact on the environment and the demand of continuous use. Three, optical performance, brightness 1: standard brightness 400 CD/m2, more than 400 CD/m2 can be customized. 2, contrast, because the user may not be the ideal distance and watch the better lighting condition, therefore has high contrast LCD panel is a good choice, industrial applications usually choose 450: more than 1 is better. 3, color, and, in some industrial applications, and when the colorful information is more important than the text and Numbers of cases, will measure the color as controls on the number of the percentage of the NTSC color saturation is very important, at present mainly depends on the backlit LCD products at saturation, CCF ( Cold Yin screen) Now is very mainstream application technology, usually can achieve the color saturation of 70% 80%, if you want to close to full color saturation, so usually backlit LED technology to achieve. Four 1, response time, electric performance, the current consumer computer response time of less than 30 ms, industrial application in the dynamic environment of the user requirements can feel the movement, the response time is usually less than 10 ms. 2, visual Angle, there may be many people usually watch at the same time, considering the situation, for industrial tablet LCD LCD panel has more than ordinary visual Angle, industrial-grade usually require large viewing Angle ( H) 150 / ( V) More than 145. My company's industrial tablets can be customized according to customer needs customization services, including: brightness custom custom, custom visual Angle, working temperature, operating system, custom, photosensitive automatically adjust the brightness, customization, and support the modular custom and so on, welcome friends to inquire the custom details in need.
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