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Industrial tablet what are the common abnormal phenomenon

by:Toponetech     2020-03-14
General industrial tablet computer cannot boot normally is what causes? There are some customers in buying industrial tablet use after a period of time, suddenly can't open the machine, and do not understand the industrial structure of the tablet computer principle, naturally don't know the specific reason, need how to operate. Nanjing reach us ear fault has 10 technical summary of intelligent technology. If you have ability to customer can repair by oneself. Below I to teach you about industrial tablet common anomalies have what solutions. If you encounter the following ten kinds of common fault phenomena, analysis and solution analysis of the simple, hope to help users of such problems. And can own hands to solve problems. 1, fault phenomenon: no reflect a press the power switch on. Analysis problem: if you press the power button, industrial tablet indicator light is not bright, if we want to make sure that the power cord is loose, or the power adapter is short circuit to burn out, if the supply voltage is normal. b。 Solving methods: check the circuit, determine the electricity properly. 2, fault phenomenon: press the power button without any reflection, after the industrial tablets after startup screen no display. 一个。 Analysis: the mainboard COMS chip inside the BIOS data damaged by CIH virus or electrostatic problems such as damage, unable to read, unable to complete his self-checking system startup, so cannot be started. b。 Solution: replace contact motherboard manufacturer or find the COMS chip motherboard manufacturer provided by the use of burning the BIOS file written. After 3, fault phenomenon: press the power button, drive lights flashing, motherboard power lights, power supply is normal, but no display screen. 一个。 After analyzing problems: CPU damage will appear the phenomenon, the BIOS first CPU during self-inspection check, CPU damage through the introspection, the computer cannot be started. b。 Solution: check whether the CPU is installed correctly, check whether the CPU core is damaged, use substitution method to check whether the CPU is damaged, if the CPU is damaged, replace the CPU. 4, failure phenomenon: after pressing the power button, industrial tablets automatically shut down or no response. 一个。 Problem analysis: : clear the industrial tablet computer motherboard is whether to use a fan, some manufacturers in order to protect the CPU mainboard of radiator, cause the CPU burned, without installing the CPU fan or not connected to the motherboard CFAN interface CPU fan power cord, or connect the CPU fan SFAN ( Interface to system's fan) , will not be able to boot. b。 Solution: correctly connected to the CPU fan and the motherboard power supply interface, and confirm the connection CFAN beside the CPU on the special three core CPU fan interface. 5, fault phenomenon: boot without any display, no hint, main power supply is normal, CPU is normal, but no display screen. 一个。 Analysis problem: the computer is in use more than 3 years after the BIOS Settings for the power supply of the battery voltage decreases gradually, can't save the data, used in some early motherboard chipset will be unable to complete the phenomenon of self-inspection, motherboard hardware is not the problem itself. b。 Solution: buy lithium battery, replace the motherboard existing battery could do self-checking, normal and then reset the BIOS parameters. 6, fault phenomenon: after startup didn't finish the self-checking, did not hear a loud sound drops, a continuous drop - at the same time Drop - Drops. 。 。 The sound. 一个。 Problem analysis: according to the BIOS vendors instructions (BIOS alarm prompt Note: there is a the manufacturers use the mainboard is no boot prompt sound. But a lot of system board manufacturers have a buzzer alarm) , problems are generally in the memory, the memory damage probability is small, most of the problems are caused by poor contact memory oxidation or slots. b。 Solution: first check the gold finger, memory slot, chip and PCB whether to have the trace of burned, if there is suggested to replace the memory. If not, use a rubber graze gold fingers, and then reinsert the memory slot. 7, fault phenomenon: boot after the electricity, the power supply is normal, but the keyboard NUM light is not flashing, etc. Unable to complete self-inspection. 一个。 Analysis: the mainboard of keyboard controller or I/O chip damage, unable to complete the self-inspection. b。 Solution: by replacement of I/O chip manufacturer and check the keyboard interface circuit. 8, fault phenomenon: press the power button is no response, power and hard disk light is not illuminated. 一个。 Problem analysis: by using a multimeter to check the output voltage 12 v to 5 v found. 3 v are abnormal, with standard voltage difference, problems with internal power supply circuit. b。 Solution: replace the quality when the power is 300 w, problem solving. 9, fault phenomenon: after pressing the power button, industrial tablet self-checking cannot pass, no display, display light orange or flashing state. 一个。 Analysis: in the process of self-check, graphics card not through self-inspection, unable to complete the basic hardware detection, cannot be started. b。 Solution: check whether video card gold finger of oxidation or AGP interface contains a lot of dust, cause a short-circuit, wipe gently with a rubber gold fingers, and the tiger skin clean up the dust from the AGP interface. Use substitution method eliminate graphics damage problems at the same time, if the card is damaged, replace the video card. 10, fault phenomenon: the industrial tablet computer components inside the case down, do the test is normal, when unable to boot after installation into the chassis, sometimes will erect chassis can normal boot, unable to boot after flat. 一个。 Problem analysis: some chassis production not standard, cause some motherboard installed deformation or cause some boards, contact at the bottom of the motherboard and chassis, cause a short-circuit, unable to boot. b。 Solution: change to good quality case, using the standard fittings installed components. Industrial tablet computer cannot boot normally for many reasons, the specific reason to specific analysis. If the industry is not very good tablet inside of the structure of the problem, do not tear open outfit, find tablets before supply industry factory, they will give you a solution.
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