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Industrial tablet system maintenance what method is there?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-07
Industrial tablet system maintenance what method is there? A complete and comprehensive optimization system of garbage after cleaning, the system, a comprehensive optimization to a certain extent, can improve the performance of the system. 1, 2, use the system function is optimized with the registry to conduct a comprehensive optimization of 3, suggest optimized set 4, hard disk, clean up system junk 1, delete, do not use the program. Using add/remove programs on the control panel to clean up the hard drive does not use the application. 2, remove the documents menu of the file name. Click start & rarr; Set up & rarr; The taskbar and start menu, open the task bar properties dialog. In the dialog box, select the start menu programs TAB, and then click the remove button. 3, empty the recycle bin. It also takes up a lot of hard disk space. Right click on recycle bin icon, according to empty the recycle bin. 4, delete temporary files. Right-click IE shortcut, select properties, respectively, in the general TAB click the delete Cookies, deleting files and delete history three button to remove temporary files online. Tip: after click delete files button in the pop-up dialog box must be hook choose delete all offline content, which ensures that can completely remove access records. 5, cleared to run the program name list. Run Regedit command to open the registry editor, then find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/RunMRU. Run in the registry on the right shows the information in the drop-down list. To delete a project, use the mouse to right click on the name, select the delete, be careful not to delete the default and MRUList line. 6, clear system extra font and temporary files. Use the fonts icon on the control panel program can delete the unwanted fonts. Remove Windows Temporary Internet Files in the directory all the Files in the folder to remove Temporary Files. Still can use right click on the start button, and then select search, in the name of the dialog box enter *. TMP, search bar drop-down list is set to the entire hard disk, and then click start search, finally will all find TMP files can be deleted. What are three common fault, industrial tablets? 1, the boot no reaction. Solution: make sure the power supply has been opened, all the connections between all in place. Most of the time is due to forget to insert the plug into the motherboard, as long as the motherboard power supply plug the power supply received motherboard can solve the problem. 2, boot after a long stay in Windows screen, can't enter the system. Solution: this is usually caused by hard drive. Check whether the hard disk cable and power cable connection is good, poor contact will appear this kind of situation. To insert a disk data and the power cord, and ensure good contacts can be ruled out. 3, computer display is not bright, the rest everything is ok. Solution: gently shake the graphics card and monitor, the line between if problem solving, you will need to reconnect the display and a graphics card, must be the screw on the line. 4, after the system startup, desktop can display, but icon, menu and toolbar display is not clear, or can't adjust the resolution of the display, the image is rough. Solution: it could be caused by video card driver is missing, you can reinstall a graphics driver to solve the problem. 5, after the network connection can't use the Ping command to find the other computer. Solution: normally is not network impassability card don't work properly. General card will have two lights, one for the power lamp, a lamp for the data signal lamp. If the power light is not on that card itself has the problem, or the main board slot after replacement can solve; Signal transmission light is not on, is related to the interface or network cable, solution after check them one by one. 6, there is no sound when using TV card broadcast TV program. Solution: there are two kinds of circumstances, one possibility is that the sound card and TV card has conflict, change the TV card PCI slot know conflict resolution can solve the problem; Another may be due to the audio input is no connection between sound and television card, find the TV card installation instructions, and then use card of card attached audio input line will TV audio output interface is connected to a sound card audio input interface. 1111 microsoftinternetexplorer402documentnotspecified7。 8 pounds Normal0
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