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Industrial-grade tablet computer application in the banking and finance system

by:Toponetech     2020-03-17
The application of industrial-grade tablets in banking and finance system. Previous bank financial system often appear some problems, such as handle the business time is too long, too much waste of paper, cause the user line is too long, low efficiency. So how to improve this situation? In the financial system in a bank application after some intelligent industrial products, such as industrial tablets, can greatly improve and solve these problems. ATM terminal is the use of bank CARDS to achieve financial transactions kiosks, complexity, high precision, and can provide service 24 hours a day, can replace part of the bank counter personnel work. ATM terminal contains control computer printer, card reader, running water, slip printer, communication control panel or input/output control board, etc. Compared with commercial computer, industrial tablets, high reliability, strong security, meet the demand of ATM terminal complex application environment and function, is the ATM terminal control computer. Industrial products based on Intel® H81 high-speed chip, support Intel® The LGA 1150 i3 i5 / i7 processor, performance is strong, powerful operation ability, adapt to the ATM terminal high load operation. Can match up to 16, USB interface, 12 the COM a PCIe slots, meet the needs of the system expansion, can easily connect peripherals monitoring equipment, realize the monitoring and financial transactions. Integrated ShuangQian trillion front-end ports, can real time to upload data network, more timely and effective statistics, the administration of ATM terminal equipment, improved the working efficiency of the banking centers. Of seats embedded industrial computer is small in size, heat resistance, good stability, has good dustproof, resistance to vibration and anti-jamming capability, can run for long-term stability in a complex environment, and the I/O interface design in the same direction, facilitate wiring design, can effectively realize the ATM terminal tablets to industry technical requirements. Of seats ear industrial tablets I/O configuration flexibility, good compatibility, strong expansibility. Structure compact, anti-interference, vibration resistance, impact resistant ability is outstanding, effectively ensure the security of data transmission, is efficient, reliable, and the ideal platform for the data analysis, which can be widely used in ATM, VTM recovery, self-service ticket machine, self-help, self-help library in areas such as kiosks. Bank ATM terminal help improve efficiency of banking services and brand image and obtain the intermediate business income, while reduce the working pressure of the bank counter personnel to provide a safe and convenient financial services. Run by industrial tablet ATM terminals for withdrawals, deposits, check balances, transfer, etc.
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