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Industrial control touch all-in-one advantage and importance of industrial automation

by:Toponetech     2020-11-01
Industrial control touch all-in-one advantage 1, fashionable appearance, light is exquisite. Highly integrated design is contracted. 2, industrial control, touch all-in-one PC more saving space than the general desktop PC. LCD touch all-in-one PC is the combination of host with LCD monitors, speakers, as one of the machines, it will be the host of hardware in the back of the LCD display, and try to compress it, and also built-in speakers at the same time, the volume of make it as small as possible so that users can greatly save space placement machine. For the 'before' city has important implications for users. 3, touch all-in-one control in the moderate price. All-in-one high integration, it should be very expensive? Like many friends, seen some LCD all-in-one price on the high side, the article said began to also think it should. But after thorough understanding was that this is not the case. 4, good mobility and high portability. Because the LCD touch all-in-one collection host, display and speakers, therefore, the volume and the total weight should be smaller than the general desktop, only more than 10 kilograms, greatly facilitate the user mobile machines. Its internal integration is high, the accessories connected directly by the PCB derivation, saves the past a lot of data cable, cabinet body also leaves out the previous great packaging and transportation costs. 5, industrial touch all-in-one PC is not only save space, but also reduces the cost of living, for you save a high electricity bills. A general computer power consumption from 200 w to 400 w around even higher ( According to the different configuration and performance) 。 Based on ARM architecture and the embedded industrial control machine from 7 inch to 15 inch, only 3 w to 20 w power consumption. 6, the embedded card buckle, industrial equipment installation, eight nuclear motherboard, android SDK development kit, massive APP, WIFI, bluetooth, 3 g / 4 g/SD card, touch sensitive. As for application development, as long as there are ordinary PC PC programming program personnel, basic can quickly grasp the familiar with embedded WinCE based on ARM architecture, Linux, android programming. Because software developers only need to call the basic simple API function, at the bottom of the work, the manufacturer is do very perfect. Importance to industrial automation control in touch all-in-one as human development and progress, play a decisive role in industrial automation. Industrial computer can realize intelligent manufacturing in the factory, it is a composed of intelligent machine and human experts intelligent man-machine integration system, it can intelligence activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, planning, decision-making and so on. Through people work with the cooperation of the intelligent machines, to expand and extend and partially replace human expert mental labor in the manufacturing process. His update the concept of manufacturing automation, extended to the flexible and intelligent and highly integrated. There is no doubt that industrial control touch all-in-one intelligent is anti-war direction of industrial automation. In the manufacturing process of each link are widely used almost all industrial computer. Industrial computer can be used in engineering design, process design, production scheduling, fault diagnosis, etc. Can also be neural networks and fuzzy control technology and other advanced computer intelligent methods applied to product formula, production scheduling, etc. , to realize the automatic manufacturing process. Crown teck industrial automation professional crown teck service solutions, industrial automation and industrial computer controller factory perfect cooperate, high-performance computing, low energy consumption, rich input/output connections and broadband data collection. Crown teck touch all-in-one control in competitive prices, compact size, easy to install, long continuous products meet the needs of the automation industry. Crown teck touch all-in-one control in the system design to meet demand for mission critical automation applications. The characteristics of the embedded system design, rugged construction and high performance computing power to optimize productivity and production quality. Compact, no fan, industrial design, they can provide high stability and flexibility. Check the relevant product to find the right platform, meet your needs. In order to meet the requirements of the key tasks of automation applications. Crown teck touch all-in-one fanless design, control in the industrial automation function and advanced computing technology provide robustness, reliability and flexibility. Especially suitable for the customer is looking for a strong and compact platform and integrated input/output sets and industrial tablets. Industrial tablets of heavy-duty aluminium front panel, can work under bad environment.
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