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Industrial computer should choose capacitive touch screen or resistive touch screen

Industrial computer should choose capacitive touch screen or resistive touch screen


The industrial control  touch all-in-one computer integrates the server and the display screen as a whole,  has the characteristics of good stability and strong scalability. They are widely used in self-service terminals, virtual reality technology, smart city construction, smart industry, medical equipment, automation control, automatic machinery, power engineering, financial industry, intelligent medical and other industries.

17 inch touch all-in-one computer

At present, the common touch screen drivers of industrial control all-in-one machines include resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared sensor display and surface layer acoustic wave frequency display. When using the display screen of the industrial computer, customers will habitually consider whether it is better to choose a capacitive touch screen or a resistive display? On this issue, let me introduce to you the following.

1. Why can't resistive display complete multi-touch like capacitive screen? Mainly because of its construction. A resistive touch screen is a sensor that converts the physical location of the touch point (X,Y) in a rectangular area into a voltage representing the X and Y coordinates. Many LCD modules use resistive touch screens, which can use four, five, seven, or eight wires to generate the screen bias voltage and read back the voltage at the touch point. The capacitive touch screen uses a finger to touch the touch screen to generate coupling capacitance to form a touch screen, so that accurate touches can be generated at ten points at the same time.

2. Is the capacitive screen better or the resistive screen better? When selecting a suitable display screen, the decision must be made according to the application scenario of the device. The selection of capacitive touch screen and resistive display screen is usually confirmed based on cost, precision, damage resistance, and natural environment adaptability. Even if the resistive display screen is not as good as the capacitive touch screen in terms of light transmittance, its low cost and common application scenarios make it the first choice of many industrial control all-in-one manufacturers.

industrial touch all-in-one computer

3. Capacitive screen and resistive screen, which one has long service life? All equipment has a service life, whether it is a capacitive touch screen or a resistive display screen, the length of the application stage will be determined due to the frequency, duration, and natural environment used. Resistive displays are not afraid of dust, water vapor and oil stains, and can be touched with everything. However, in view of the common plastic on the surface layer of the composite protective film, excessive force or touching with a sharp object will cause damage to the display screen of the industrial computer. Relatively speaking, the application cycle time of capacitive touch screen is longer than that of resistive display.

The above is the selected sharing of the display of the industrial computer. You can make a choice based on your own real needs. Which one is better is not absolute, and the suitable one is better.

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