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Industrial application and advantage of the tablet is introduced

by:Toponetech     2020-04-04
Industrial application and advantage of the tablet is introduced. Embedded industrial tablet advantages: one tablet, embedded industry in product performance advantages: 1, the device miniaturization is one of the main body, in the form of compact design, structural design have no standard to reference, external interfaces and installation should be fully considered reasonable use a space; 2, product features good suitability, and accused of being measured object function is almost entirely match, has certain extensibility, but not to extend as main purpose, thus product performance-to-price ratio is high; 3, high reliability requirements, on the basis of electrical functions meet the reliability design, thermal design, electromagnetic compatibility design should be carefully considered, dustproof, waterproof, shock resistant design and reliability design content; 4, low-power fanless design for the mainstream. After the device miniaturization, cooling ability is limited, and embedded system MTBF requirements are very high, especially in the unattended class applications, ultra-low power consumption fanless design. Second, the difference between the embedded industrial tablets and ordinary industrial control: 1, in the process of building large systems, general industrial computer system scalability, network communication ability is also embedded industrial computer irreplaceable; 2, in the visual design, process monitoring, data statistics, scientific computing, a prototype simulation design, in the loop simulation, and other fields, the common industrial computer has the congenital advantage. 3 tablets, embedded industry's position in the whole measurement and control system, often in the front, the embedded industrial tablet up connection is often a common industrial control, ordinary industrial computing power, software resources, database support, and so on are the envy of the embedded industrial control; Embedded industrial tablet applications: 1, the petroleum and petrochemical industry applications: using RFID technology, implementation of exploration for ins and outs of collection station automatic, rapid, accurate reading, greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of the warehouse management. 2, intelligent household industry applications: industrial tablet can do it in the high-grade residential home service terminal, reality intercom, query messages, cost, ordering goods, household appliances, etc. 3, pharmaceutical management industry applications: using rfid technology, realize the pharmaceutical supply chain information platform construction, so as to achieve the drug in the production, distribution and sales of real-time tracking and regulation. 4, mobile application in electric power industry: the use of rfid, mobile technology, such as the Internet, in transmission, substation, distribution of mobile intelligent inspection tour function, so as to achieve the aim of the lean, closed-loop management. 5, government regulation, industry application: by rfid, sensor, video surveillance, wireless transmission technology reality of fireworks companies such as the flow of traffic real-time monitoring, excess early warning, warehouse warehouse early warning, video monitoring alarm function for real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, thus reducing the production safety accidents. 6, environmental supervision and industry applications: industrial tablet in the environmental protection industry application cases showed the trend of rising gradually, thanks to the state pollution source automatic real-time monitoring system for the construction of the push all the way, the work needs to be tens of thousands of automatic transmission to the host signal, need to collect a large number of signals, and industrial tablets, especially the embedded industrial tablet in which can play a good demonstration effect. 7, the logistics industry applications: degree of modern logistics system may be beyond the imagination of many people, a complete set of modern logistics system can almost replace people's work, including sweeping code, automatic detection, analysis, processing, packing, classification, and many other links, industrial tablets in which the application is very broad, is rich and successful cases.
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