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Indoor small-pitch LED display commercial has become a trend

by:Toponetech     2021-05-08
As small-pitch LED display products gradually penetrate into the indoor commercial display market, new application forms are also emerging. The increase in clarity makes it possible to display at close range. Commercial use of indoor small-pitch LED displays is already a trend. At present, high-end shops are beginning to use small-pitch LED displays to display product advertisements, and some manufacturers have launched corresponding retail solutions in due time. Among them, LED poster screens have become the first commercial display products for mass production by a group of manufacturers; exhibition activities of high-luxury products such as auto shows Medium and small-pitch LED displays are even more popular. The colorful, flat and high-definition display effect complements the car’s atmospheric and fashionable product image. Even if it is not suitable to watch for a long time, the high cost of use and other issues hinder the small pitch from entering the education market, the current touch display manufacturers are still actively deploying, in addition to large conference rooms, multi-functional lecture halls and other places, virtual simulation experiments Room, smart classroom system, etc., are one of the directions of the manufacturers' efforts. Due to the structural advantages, it is not difficult for manufacturers to produce LED displays of different shapes such as curved surfaces and 90° folding surfaces. This also makes small-pitch LED displays more suitable for commercial display needs than other display products. With excellent display effects, combined with increased production capacity and lower product prices, the development of small-pitch touch display products in the indoor commercial display market will become more and more courageous. Whether it is a small-pitch LED display product that enters the market in a short time and quickly gains a place, or an electronic whiteboard that has already become the market leader with its amazing speed, it is a product that has rapidly emerged with technological advantages. It is not difficult to find out that the factors that dominate the market are still technology in the final analysis. But now it seems that the technology of small-pitch products is still not a very mature category indoors-the brightness is too high, not suitable for long-term viewing with the naked eye, even the so-called low-brightness products, the actual brightness is higher than that of products such as liquid crystals. ; Heat is serious, even outdoor LED displays require heat dissipation equipment. Under indoor applications, heat dissipation is even more of a problem; the noise is large, and the sound generated by the operation of LED displays can be ignored outdoors, but indoors. It seems quite abrupt; it consumes a lot of power. Although manufacturers have been working to reduce energy consumption, in addition to the light bead, heat dissipation also consumes electricity. Compared with traditional display products, higher energy consumption is also the hindrance of these factors. The main application areas of small-pitch products are still large-screen splicing, large-scale conference activities, advertising, etc., and their applications in education and corporate conference rooms are relatively limited. With the continued fierce competition in the indoor commercial display market, LCD manufacturers have also launched seamless LCD splicing products, and laser projection equipment with longer lifespan and clearer images are also actively developing the market. Almost all commercial display product manufacturers are striving to improve their technology and make up for their weaknesses in order to enhance the market's recognition of their products. Under this, on the one hand, competition between alternative products will become more intense, and technology will become the focus of manufacturers to replace prices; on the other hand, under the joint promotion of industry manufacturers, the commercial display market cake will also become Bigger. Therefore, if small-pitch LED display manufacturers want to gain a bigger market share, they must first solve the various deficiencies of their products, especially the current education field occupies 39% of the market share, and small-pitch products want to truly enter the market in this field. Still need to strengthen technological innovation.
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