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Indoor full-color LED display manufacturer

by:Toponetech     2021-05-09
The indoor touch display market is increasingly favored by enterprises. touch display manufacturers large and small have sprung up, but each manufacturer has different technologies, and some low-quality LED displays are still flooding the market. The production of high-quality indoor LED displays is the foundation for enterprises to gain a foothold in the market. 1. The LED display screen needs to correct the discrete inherent defects of the LED itself point by point. The LEDs provided by lamp manufacturers have differences in brightness and chromaticity. Due to the flatness of the module assembly, the flatness of the box assembly; the flatness of the mask, and the dispersion of the ink color; the direction of the optical axis of the LED welding deviates from the normal direction of the display screen, especially the in-line LED optical axis direction, etc. in actual production In the process, the uniformity of the LED display will be affected by many factors, so the uniformity of the LED display without calibration cannot reach the ideal level, and the picture quality is significantly different from other flat panel display technologies. When the LED display screen is used for a period of time, due to the difference of individual LED light decay and other external factors, the uniformity will be further deteriorated, which is manifested by a large number of pitting, bright and dark spots and even mosaics on the display screen, commonly known as flower screen phenomenon. The point-by-point correction technology allows users to reduce costs and greatly increase the uniformity of the display, significantly improving image quality. When applied to the factory, point-by-point calibration is a quality improvement method, which means an increase in competitiveness and expansion of profit margins; after being used for a period of time, point-by-point calibration can prolong the eye-pleasing life of the LED display and create for users Produce more commercial value and reduce waste of resources. Second, select high-quality LED lamp beads The high reliability of LED lamp beads means that they can maintain the stability of quality during the entire process of use by customers. The use of LED lamp beads is roughly divided into such several links. The first is the factory inspection link. After the final visual inspection and electrical performance test are passed in the production plant, the packaging is shipped; the second is the transportation and storage link, which can reach the display factory after transportation and storage; then the production and processing link, the screen The factory opens the package, and completes the production and processing of the finished display screen through the production process such as board loading and welding; finally it is the normal use link. During this whole process, the LED lamp beads must work reliably, and no dead lights can appear. During this period, the LED lamp beads must be able to withstand the test of damp expansion and temperature shock, especially the welding temperature shock with the highest temperature of 260 degrees. The LED lamp beads are composed of a variety of different materials, such as metal copper, resin, PPA, conductive adhesive, light-emitting chips, etc., their moisture absorption expansion coefficient and temperature expansion coefficient are different, so the materials between them Coordination is very critical, if improper coordination, dead lights will appear. Therefore, the reliability of LED lights must be judged by simulating the use process of LED lights. After considering the cost-effectiveness of the indoor full-color LED display, the dot pitch is an element that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, the dot pitch of the display screen is not only closely related to the display accuracy, viewing distance, and application location of the screen, but also one of the determining factors of the display price. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the price, and the corresponding LED screen effect The better. If the budget allows, is the dot pitch as small as possible?    In fact, as long as you have a little understanding of the touch display industry, it is not difficult to find that even without considering the budget, indoor full-color LED displays The appropriate dot pitch is not as small as possible, but the area of u200bu200bthe site, viewing distance, and whether it needs to support special display effects should be considered comprehensively. When everyone consults and purchases, large LED display manufacturers such as optoelectronics with decades of experience will know the application place and installation height in advance in order to provide the best economical and reasonable solution. If some companies blindly recommend smaller dot spacing, you need to carefully screen and choose a suitable company and a suitable product for yourself.
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