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In which industries will the touch all-in-one computer be more popular in the future?

In which industries will the touch all-in-one computer be more popular in the future?


As the industrial touch all-in-one computer has become more and more famous in the industry, the improvement of technology has made its performance more and more stable, and the industries it can adapt to are becoming more and more extensive. In which industries will it be popular in the future?


1. Medical industry

The industrial touch all-in-one computer realizes the automated management of surgical procedures, which helps to save a lot of administrative costs and time. With its portability and full function, the industrial touch all-in-one computer is a powerful tool for mobile healthcare. They connect medical records, laboratory reports and various monitoring and treatment instruments to help medical staff master the medical record information and new medical reports of each patient anytime, anywhere.

 17 inch Touch all-in-one computer

2. Transportation industry

Front-line personnel often need to query a large amount of information in real time, but it is difficult to deal with sudden emergencies or large-scale business in a timely manner. In addition, front-line business is more complex, and repeated work in multiple links and multiple locations leads to the risk of omissions and errors. The mobile transportation solution relies on the industrial touch integrated computer terminal to extend the work system to the front-line employees, and realize business processing information search and communication.

3. Service industry

The improvement of the performance of the processing platform makes the computing speed and graphics processing speed of the industrial touch all-in-one computer continue to increase. With the progress of the industry, innovative applications are also emerging to test the expansion performance of the computer. It is an important magic weapon for the future industrial touch all-in-one computer. When standard products cannot meet user needs, customized services have emerged, saving the time and cost of user system configuration.


On the basis of industry, industrial touch integrated computers are becoming more and more commercialized, and there are certain pursuits in appearance. The traditional bulky appearance has been changed. The unstable situation has been greatly improved, so they are chosen by more merchants.

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