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In the 21st century, touch screen is everywhere, wide USES touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-08-18
Came to the 21st century, touch technology has been fully integrated into the daily life of people, from mobile phone, tablet, notebook, advertising machine, gets to the machine, more is in the school 'blackboard'. Touch screen technology is no longer just the mobile digital products, but instead to 'front desk' positive impetus industry information service. Crown teck photoelectric co. , LTD. , a touch screen customization services of high-tech enterprises, tailored for the customer touch the world, for the financial, energy, transportation, education, manufacturing, industrial control, automobile and other industries solutions, drive the industry as a whole of self-service terminal development forward. From the emergence of the touch screen, our life is slowly changing, in recent years, with the further promotion and development of touch screen products, where we come into contact with the touch screen in daily life become more and more! We went to the bank to handle the business, without long team again, touch screen kiosks machine can automatic list for you. Some Banks have adopted with id card identification equipment, video equipment, printing equipment and peripherals such as touch screen machine through it can realize the business to deal with, don't have to wait for convenient and quick! We went to the hospital to see a doctor, can use the touch screen to register a single, looked at the wall touch screen waiting for triage station to station, doctors use electronic health records system, can check your information and obtaining fast track inspection report, you can also use touch screen for single print inspection report, we don't need to wait, the doctor's work pressure is small. More and more schools and companies are also beginning to use touch screen products, it can replace the original on the teaching of the blackboard, projection equipment, such as writing, pictures, music, video, and other functions in one, make the classroom more lively and interesting to increase the students' learning enthusiasm. In addition, you can enter the remote autonomous learning class. In the company, also can through the touch screen all-in-one content display, staff training, remote into the meeting, etc. , to achieve the modern office. We can go to a restaurant, with a touch screen restaurant point of single order; Go to the mall shopping, also can check my bargain by domestic wall-mounted touch screen; To the exhibition hall, can watch the video to explain by the touch screen; To take the train, can through the waiting room screen touch screen equipment to see the train time - — Imperceptible in, touch screen product reaches deep into the every corner of our life. With the development of information society, people need to get all kinds of public information, interaction on the technology of the touch screen window of public information transmission system, will be essential. Predictably, in the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, touch screen effect on the daily life will be more profound.
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