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In addition to high performance, low power consumption embedded industrial control machine and what are the advantages?

by:Toponetech     2020-11-03
Due to its own embedded industrial control machine can control performance is good, by changing the different software can be applied to the production of various kinds of products, can give the electric control system through the Internet in accordance with the principle of operation, control engineering and the design of hardware and software can achieve ideal control effect. The embedded industrial control machine as the important part of the whole control system, also is the core of the whole system. Embedded industrial control machine is designed according to the characteristics and requirements of industrial production of the electronic computer, it is applied to industrial production, to achieve a variety of automation control purposes, the production process and scheduling management, high quality, in order to achieve real-time, high efficiency, low consumption, safe, reliable, reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment. At present it is mainly used for industrial process measurement and control, data acquisition, etc. In addition, due to the industrial field generally have strong vibration, dust much more special, and high electromagnetic force interference etc, in addition to the advantages of high performance low power consumption, also need what performance advantages, embedded industrial control machine to satisfy diversified customers' needs? After we are together and see it. A, fully enclosed dust-proof waterproof dust-proof waterproof performance of the embedded industrial control all-in-one is necessary in industrial application. Using the front panel die casting molding, integrated joint degrees between surface casing is more, at the same time, to join the waterproof design, can achieve the whole IP65 waterproof and dustproof, more suitable for the use of harsh environment. Second choice in size, dimension choice, screen ratio of 16:9 product size 7, 8, 10. 1 ', 10. 4 ', 11. 6 ', 12 ', 15 ', 15. 6 ', 17 ', 17. 3 ', 19 ', 19. 3 ', 18. 5 ', 19. 1 ', 21. 5 'screen size for 4:3 product size, there are 15', 17 ', 19 and various sizes for the user to choose from, a greater degree to meet the requirements of industrial diversification. Three, interface Settings more diversified in terms of interfaces, tie-in hd display interface embedded industrial control machine and multiple COM interface, USB interface, meet the needs of a variety of application interface. And in the use of some special scenario, the docking port will have some special requirements, as in the use of power cabinets, you may need to meet the needs of connecting the PLC interface. Four, the Android system support software secondary development embedded industrial control machine on the software side has more advantages than Windows. General manufacturer with r&d team, can provide the SDK to the user, let the user can according to their own requirements, software for secondary development, already achieved in some high requirements of the use of software in the scene. Five, can work in high and low temperature environment for industrial and changeable temperature environment, embedded in high and low temperature resistance of industrial control machine also has obvious advantages. Standard screen embedded industrial control machine temperature is greatly century - 25℃- 60℃。 Six, motherboard configuration can be alternative on the configuration, the embedded industrial control all-in-one PC motherboard hardware has more choices, in addition to the open nature of android itself, according to the requirements for hardware configuration. General use Intel core i3 i5 / i7 4 g / 120 g of solid state. Seven and wide application scenarios based on the excellent properties of embedded industrial control machine, in addition to the field of industrial automation at present, the application scenario has been widely applied to include: government agencies, research institutions, financial institutions, military facilities, office buildings, intelligent community, college education, hospital, hotel, subway transportation, airport, station, parking lot, etc. Eight, write in the final, so to speak, with the development of the touch display equipment industry, many products have occupied, such as industrial control, intelligent manufacturing, production workshop application an indispensable position in the scene. Embedded industrial control machine, for example, now has become the indispensable important part of the production and management of the whole system. At the same time, along with continuous optimization design of products, the future will be embedded industrial control machine for various industries to realize production automation to provide better help!
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