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Huawei mobile phone through the touch screen turns into a desktop computer

by:Toponetech     2020-08-12
Have you ever thought of take out the mobile phone can be like a computer office software office open? As the performance of the mobile phone is more and more strong, there are a lot of people have begun to use mobile office, samsung last year for the S8 is equipped with a set of DeX Station, after plug in mobile phone connects the monitor can become a PC. These are now is not a dream, as long as you have a huawei mobile phone! Huawei mobile phone into a computer, should be in order to achieve a kind of ecological, the ecology is the purpose of the mobile terminal and computer together. Why do the fusion development? ! Mobile phones have more and more powerful and more and more intelligent use of high frequency, and the computer PC are coming to reduce sense, but some require higher task, using a mobile phone to realize too much trouble, and the computer as the main tool of the ecosystem and super efficient and scalable platform, in some ways what had the phone does not have unlimited possibilities. Secondly, now the mainstream computer configuration i7cpu, 2 g - 8 gb of memory, g - 320 1 TB hard drive, plus a video card, daily function, can office, entertainment, convenient for daily life, now mobile phone configuration dual-core 1. 5 dual-core CPU, 1 g 2 gb of memory, with 32 gb of memory. Has been developed for decades, PC and mobile phone high-speed development was in recent years, but the current development situation, the CPU speed up cell phones are a blink of an eye. In addition, very convenient PC input and output, as early as a few years ago by the use of radio frequency RF transmission wireless projector, but has been eliminated, and now technology is more mature, bluetooth, and wireless wifi transmission projector, wireless transmission via wifi projector 54 m - the theory of transmission speed 108 m, can support hd broadcast, now most of the mobile phone support wifi, is only a matter of the popularity of wireless projection. Touch screen is so powerful that can be turned into a computer, mobile phone crown teck focus on touch screen customization.
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