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How touch monitors affect the development of vending machines

How touch monitors affect the development of vending machines


If you pay attention to the evolution of vending machines, you will surely find that vending machines that did not have a screen before, now basically every vending machine has an extra screen, the screen was controlled by buttons before, but now we can touch the screen with our hands to control the screen.

It is not difficult to see that the emergence of touch monitor has continuously affected the change of vending machines. Now the retail industry has become an irreversible development trend in the future, and the unmanned mode is inevitable, and vending machines are the most important trend in the offline retail industry in the future.

Vending machines with touch monitors have become the industry standard, how will the emergence of touch monitors affect the vending machine industry? What is driving the entire industry to develop in the direction of touch?

First of all, the development of advertising channels is promoting the rapid development of vending machines. Because compared to other media channels, vending machines can instantly monetize advertisements! Consumers can experience the product immediately after watching the advertisement through the vending terminal media, greatly increasing the conversion rate of the advertisement by shortening the contact distance, and the vending machine advertisement can cover more scenes such as shopping malls, hotels, schools, airports, stations, hospitals, office buildings, communities, and many other scenes, and the service efficiency of touch machine is high,  the investment cost is low, and the advantages are very significant.

And merchants can also monitor the operation of each vending machine in real-time, use big data to analyze the effect of advertising push, and adjust the program and broadcast dynamics on the advertising screen of the vending machine in time to maximize the value of advertising.

In fact, in addition to the revenue from advertising, through the touch monitor, the vending machine can support richer and more convenient payment modes, including Paypal and other scan code payments, and even support payment methods based on face recognition. These emerging payment models have greatly increased the utilization rate of vending machines and can support human-computer interaction to attract more new generation consumers.

And based on the touch monitor, you can open up more gameplay and sales models, such as the most popular lipstick machines and lucky bag machines. Consumers who pay a certain amount can click on the screen of the vending machine to participate in the game to get lipstick prizes or pay a certain amount to click numbers to get these lucky bag boxes that may contain prizes such as mobile phones and cameras. The surprise brought by gaming + shopping has attracted a large number of new-generation consumers and has become a standard feature in shopping malls.

In the era of the Internet of Things, every smart vending machine is a networked terminal and a smart display terminal. It is a very important carrier in the retail format. In addition to bringing more profit to the merchants through advertising, based on the networked screen, the smart vending machines will go deeper into more scenarios to provide more convenient and efficient services to the public in the future, and there is still a lot of room for imagination.

Through the installation and replacement of a small touch monitor, more and more terminal devices are given new value again, which greatly expands its commercial value. The development of the economy promotes the progress of science and technology, and the progress of science and technology drives the development of every industry. Similarly, the development of the touch screen industry is bound to promote the development of the vending machine industry.

In order to take the initiative in the fierce market competition in the future, it is also particularly important to choose touch monitor manufacturers and suppliers with strong technology. Top One Tech has more than ten years of touch monitor production experience and is also an important supplier of screen modules on vending machines. So far, it has provided services to more than 30 countries and is worthy of your trust.

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