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How to use the touch all-in-one machine? How to use it?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-24
How to use the touch all-in-one machine? How to use it? For users who use the touch all-in-one machine for the first time, it is inevitable that they are unfamiliar with the operation method and do not know how to operate it. The following is a summary of how to use the touch one machine manufacturer: 1. Turn on/off: use 100~240V AC as the power supply for the touch one machine; if the screen is not turned on, please press the remote control or the standby button on the machine. If you want to turn off the touch all-in-one system, please press the standby button on the remote control or touch all-in-one for 4-5 seconds to shut down the system and enter the standby state. If you want to completely turn off the touch all-in-one, please turn off the 'power switch' and disconnect the main power socket. 2. Automatic shutdown function: In TV or AV mode, if there is no input signal for more than five minutes, it will automatically switch to standby mode; in computer (computer) mode, if the touch all-in-one does not work for more than five minutes , It will automatically switch to standby mode. 3. Save before shutting down: When shutting down, the touch all-in-one machine will save the image and sound settings. In this way, when the machine is turned on again, it will be in the state before shutting down. Four, signal source application notes: If you use a PC signal source, please set the resolution of the computer graphics card according to the following modes: 1920x1080@60HZ, 1280x1024@60HZ, 1280x720@60HZ, 1024x768@60HZ, 800x600@60HZ, 640x480@60HZ, etc. 5. Turn on/off the built-in computer: When the touch all-in-one has its own built-in computer, to turn on the built-in computer, first press the standby button on the machine or remote control to turn on the screen, and then press the PC switch on the machine or remote control To turn on the built-in computer. To turn off the touch all-in-one, please use touch or mouse to shut down the computer according to the normal computer shutdown steps from the start menu. After the computer is completely shut down, you can use the touch-all or the standby button on the remote control to shut down. The manufacturer of the touch all-in-one machine reminds users: Rongguan Technology's touch-all-in-one machine is designed with a one-key switch function for computers and TVs. It is not allowed to press the standby button or directly disconnect the main power without turning off the computer, otherwise it will be forced by the computer. Shut down and damage the computer hardware.
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