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How to test the quality of a 15.6-inch touch all-in-one computer

How to test the quality of a 15.6-inch touch all-in-one computer


Many customers, when choosing to buy an industrial all in one pc touch screen, often start from its price as the basis for choosing a product, but the price is only a relative important point among many reference conditions, and the most important thing is the product quality.  Once the quality of the product is not satisfactory or the function is inappropriate, you will not consider buying at all. Therefore, we must understand that the quality of a product is the prerequisite for all transactions. With the emergence of more and more industrial all in one pc touch screen manufacturers in the Chinese market, each manufacturer's strength and technology are different, so the quality and function focus of the touch all-in-one computers are different.

And to judge the quality of an industrial all in one pc touch screen, the most important point is the quality of its touch function. At this point, every time we produce one, we will test the touch function and display functionto test the quality of the product for each customer, and then package and ship it after it is guaranteed to be foolproof.

This is a 15.6-inch touch all-in-one computer, a brand new customized version, and the staff is conducting a touch test on it to verify its touch sensitivity.

The transmission interfaces of this all-in-one computer are: 3 COM ports, 2 USB 3.0 interfaces, 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, 2 LAN interfaces, 1 Audio / Mic interface, which can meet more transmission tasks.

After the touch test is completed, the staff will then test it for LCD display problems.

In this test, what we want to check is whether the screen has dead pixels. The dead pixels generally appear on the LCD screen. It means that no matter what the image displayed on the computer screen is, that dot will always only display the same color, which means that the appearance of dead pixels will affect the overall performance of the screen.

The screen dead pixel test is very simple. We only need to set the computer screen to a black or other solid color background, and then observe whether there are dead pixels on the screen. When the whole screen is displayed in a solid color, we can easily find out whether the screen has dead pixels or light leakage.

As long as the industrial all in one pc touch screen meets the standard and guarantees no dead pixels and light leakage, then it has basically successfully passed our screen test standards.

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