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How to solve the energy saving problem of LED electronic large screen?

by:Toponetech     2021-04-09
Abstract: In view of the fact that the luminescent materials of LED electronic large screens are natural properties of energy-saving, but in the actual application process, the display area is usually large occasions, long-term operation and high-brightness playback, power consumption naturally cannot be small watch for. At present, many LED screen manufacturers in the industry are involved in the Ru0026D and production process of energy saving and emission reduction. In recent years, outdoor media has maintained a rapid growth trend. Among them, LED electronic large screens, the protagonist of outdoor media, are growing at a rate of more than 25% every year, becoming the main force of outdoor advertising. Especially in first-tier cities, outdoor LED screens have become the new darling of advertisers. Outdoor LED screens can be seen everywhere in the commercial centers of cities. In view of the fact that the luminescent material of the LED electronic large screen itself is a natural attribute of energy saving, but in the actual application process, the display area is usually a large occasion, long-term operation and high-brightness playback, natural power consumption should not be underestimated. In outdoor advertising applications, in addition to the cost of the LED electronic large screen itself, the advertising owners will also increase the electricity bill geometrically with the use of the equipment. Therefore, only the improvement of technology can solve the problem of greater energy saving of products from the root cause. In addition, the emergence of LED transparent screens has opened up a new way for a brand-new application of LED screens. There are layouts in multiple markets, from architectural glass curtain walls to commercial retail display windows, and it has become a brand-new field of new media development. The innovation of the light bar screen is a small innovation on the basis of the LED transparent screen. The entire manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system are all improved. In addition, the hollow design structure of the LED transparent screen, It also relatively reduces the visual obstruction of structural components, not only improves the perspective effect, but also has a novel and unique display effect. The audience stands at an ideal distance to watch, and the picture is suspended on the glass curtain wall.
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