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How to reduce the temperature of your LED display from the root cause?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-19
The scorching heat is approaching. The maximum outdoor temperature in most parts of the country can reach more than 40°C, and the operating temperature of the LED display without a heat dissipation system may be as high as 70°C. This is undoubtedly for the service life and operational stability of the product. It is a huge test. How to cool your LED display from the root cause? We know that electronic products have a commonality. Take mobile phones as an example. When the operating temperature becomes higher and you feel noticeably hot, the power consumption will speed up, and problems such as stuck machine or even automatic shutdown will occur. The touch display is no exception. When the temperature is high, the probability of problems will increase, and the stability and service life of the product will also be affected. Most users mainly take measures to reduce the temperature of the screen by adding exhaust fans and air conditioning, but this also further increases power consumption to a certain extent. So, why don't we lower the temperature of the LED display from the source? According to the law of conservation of energy, if all the energy of the LED display cannot be used to emit light, the excess energy can only be consumed by heat, which will increase the temperature of the screen. With the development of technology, only 4.5V/4V switching power supply is sufficient for the normal operation of touch display screens. If 5V switching power supply is used, the excess electric energy will only be converted into heat energy and consumed, which will cause waste and increase the screen body. temperature. Optoelectronic indoor and outdoor products are the first to adopt 4.5V/4V switching power supply, which not only saves power consumption, but also effectively reduces the operating temperature of the LED display. Experimental data shows that the temperature of the product using 4.5V is about 10% lower than that of the product using 5V; the temperature of the product using 4V is about 20% lower than that of the product using 5V. Assuming that the screen temperature is 70°C, using a 4V switching power supply, the temperature can be reduced to about 56°C. Not only that, there are many benefits of using 4.5V/4V switching power supply. 1. The brightness of the product using 4.5V/4V power supply and using 5V power supply is basically the same. 2. Using 4.5V/4V power supply is the same as using 5V product with load 3. Use 4.5V The power supply can save more than 10% of the power than using a 5V power supply, and a single product can save more than 10% of the power; using a 4V power supply can save more than 20% of power than a 5V power supply; a single product can save more than 20% of power; photoelectric DS-PWM driver IC, comprehensive energy saving 30% photoelectric PWM-SS driver IC, comprehensive energy saving of 35%-50%, Optoelectronics actively responds to the national call for energy saving and emission reduction. In order to provide users with better products, it vigorously advocates the use of 4.5V/4V switching power supplies. We hope that the entire industry will work with us to promote 4.5V/4V. Popularization of switching power supply
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