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How to overhaul the LED transparent screen?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-11
Abstract: After the LED transparent screen has been used for a long time, the product needs to be maintained regularly. How to overhaul the LED transparent screen? After the LED transparent screen has been used for a long time, the product needs to be maintained regularly. How to overhaul the LED transparent screen? 1. The transparent screen is black and does not work. 1) Confirm whether the control box is powered on (the PWR red indicator light is always on), and the signal output is normal (the RUN green light indicator flashes); 2) Whether the LED transparent screen is normally powered on, The screen will flash once when the power is turned on or off, and then the screen will return to black; 3) If the above two checks are correct, please confirm whether the network cable has been plugged in and the contact is good. You can use a network cable tester to test whether the network cable is normal. 2. The screen display is not comprehensive 1) Please confirm whether the program content is produced according to the resolution of the transparent screen. 2) Please confirm that the resolution of the video processor is consistent with the resolution of the screen. 3. One or more light bars in a module or the entire module is not working properly. First confirm the location of the fault phenomenon (confirm the location of the faulty module by visual inspection and make a simple mark), and then make a simple mark on the faulty module Perform corresponding replacement, and the specific method of replacing the module is as follows: ① cut off all power to the screen; open the cover plate behind the screen, and unplug the power cord and signal line on the module; ② remove the fixing screws on the left and right of the module; ③ take The faulty module is packaged; ④Install the corresponding new module, tighten the fixing module screw and plug in the power cord and signal line; ⑤Check whether the screen is normal after power-on. The above is the solution to common problems about how to overhaul the LED transparent glass screen. From simple to complex, starting from the basics, the problem can be solved. 【LED glass screen】【Glass plank road 3D special effect screen】
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