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How to overhaul and clean the led display?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-06
How to overhaul and clean the ? In the course of use, various failures will be caused due to factors such as pollution, looseness, vibration, heat, changes in ambient temperature, etc., which will affect the normal use of the , and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, regular maintenance of the is essential. So what does the daily maintenance of screens mainly do? The following will reveal them one by one for you. First of all, it is necessary to inspect the general inspections using monthly inspection system, large-scale maintenance is implemented weekly inspection system, the specific maintenance content and response speed promise:   1, screen maintenance, Including lamps, modules, modules, power supply, control card;   2, touch display control system maintenance, including controller, fiber conversion card, distributor, sending card;   3, dedicated playback operating software, including playback software Maintenance and upgrading;   4, regular (once a month) technical personnel on-site inspections to check and maintain the system;   5, major events escort: the company's technical staff to guide to ensure the smooth development of on-site activities.  6. u200bu200bFor outdoor LED displays, damage caused by natural factors such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, etc., is not covered by the warranty. The owner needs to purchase insurance from the insurance company, and the insurance company will pay for it.  7. During the maintenance service period, the maintenance problem should be solved within 8 hours for general failures, and the major accidents should not exceed 24 hours. For repairs that require replacement of modules and other accessories, it should not exceed 24 hours. After the repair is completed, OneService ensures that the large screen does not appear at the module level or above (such as the module color cast, the module is black, one column is not bright, etc.), and it is played normally.  Second, clean up  For display screens with lower protection levels, especially outdoor screens, dust in the atmosphere enters the equipment through the ventilation holes, which will accelerate the wear and tear or even damage the equipment such as fans. Dust will also fall on the surface of the internal control device of the display, reducing the thermal conductivity and insulation performance. In humid weather, the dust will absorb moisture in the air and cause a short circuit. It can also cause mildew on the PCB and electronic components for a long time, resulting in a decline in the technical performance of the device. error occured. Therefore, the cleaning of the may seem simple, but it is actually a very important part of the maintenance work. 3. Fasten the screen is a high power consumption device. After running for a long time, due to multiple start, stop and operation, the wiring terminals of the power supply part will become loose due to cold and heat, the contact is not firm, and the virtual connection is formed. It will heat up and even ignite the plastic components next to it. The signal wiring terminals will also become loose due to changes in the ambient temperature, and moisture corrosion will cause poor contact, which will lead to equipment failure. Therefore, the connector must be tightened regularly. When adjusting the fasteners, the force should be even and appropriate to ensure firmness and effectiveness.  Four. The surface of the display screen is clean.    Visually inspect and inspect the screen in both the bright screen and the black screen state. Including: Whether the surface of the display screen is contaminated, the purpose is to remove the influence of surface dirt on the luminous characteristics; whether there are damage cracks on the surface of the display screen; whether the communication and distribution cable lines are normal; for the equipment with high protection level, although the high reliability is selected Components and connectors, but the airtightness becomes a key factor. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the integrity of the seal; for the outdoor screen steel structure, check the surface paint and rust; for the outdoor screen surface pollution is particularly serious, but also Clean the display surface.   cleaning is a high-altitude operation, and a professional cleaning team is required. The cleaning operation adopts the high-altitude sling method (commonly known as the spider man) or the hanging blue, equipped with professional cleaning equipment. The cleaning staff chooses different cleaning agents according to the different dirt on the screen to clean in a targeted manner, so as to ensure that the LED tube is not damaged. Complete the cleaning of the screen under the premise of the mask and face mask.
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