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How to make LED display moisture-proof and waterproof

by:Toponetech     2021-05-18
As we all know, LED displays are divided into indoor and outdoor. Indoor LED displays need to be moisture-proof, and outdoor LED displays need not only moisture-proof but also waterproof. If the waterproof and moisture-proof work is not in place, it is very easy to cause a short circuit of the display, and in serious cases, it may cause a fire. Therefore, in this season of heavy rains faster than turning books, waterproofing and moisture-proofing are essential tasks for LED displays.   Then, how to make the LED display screen moisture-proof and waterproof?   For indoor display screens, first of all, moderate ventilation. Moderate ventilation can help the water vapor attached to the display to evaporate quickly and reduce the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, avoid ventilation in some windless and humid air, which will increase the indoor humidity; secondly, place a desiccant indoors and use physical moisture absorption methods to reduce the moisture in the air; or turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify, if the display If an air conditioner is installed in the installation space, the air conditioner can be turned on for dehumidification in humid weather. The outdoor LED display itself is in a more complicated environment than indoors, and indoor methods can be used to prevent moisture. However, the outdoor display should not only consider the problem of moisture, but also perform daily maintenance work such as waterproofing, especially in the rainy season, so it is good The sealed installation can help the display reduce the risk of water ingress, regularly clean the dust attached to the inside and outside of the display, and also help the display better heat dissipation and reduce water vapor adhesion. At the same time, in the later process, the PCB board, power supply, power cord and other components of the touch display screen are more likely to be oxidized and corroded due to excessive humidity in the later process, which requires us to make the touch display screen. Do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment, such as coating the surface with three yellow paint, etc., the power supply and power cord should use high-quality accessories, and the welding place is the most likely to be corroded. Pay attention to the protection work, especially the frame, which is easy to grow. Rust, it is best to do a good anti-rust treatment. Finally, whether it is an indoor screen or an outdoor screen, the most effective way to avoid damage to the function of the display is to use it frequently. The display itself in the working state will generate some heat, which can evaporate some water vapor, which greatly reduces The possibility of a short circuit caused by moisture. Therefore, the display screen that is used frequently has much less impact on the humidity of the display screen that is not commonly used.
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