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How to maintain the LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-06-17
touch display screens are used in information dissemination and publicity. LED displays with good after-sales service quality can provide stable and delicate screen content, and a long-term use cycle, which brings good publicity effects to users. Its effect is not quantifiable. So from the user's point of view, you should use it carefully from the moment you buy it and maintain it with care. 1. Pay attention to the wiping of the fine dust layer. Whether it is located in a busy city or in a wilderness, the main reason that the LED display may be polluted or infringed is caused by the dust in the air. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant about the existence of dust during the daily use and maintenance process. The touch display is turned off, and the dust particles are gently brushed with a slightly damp kerchief. It is of great significance to the normal operation of the LED display in the later period that seems slight. 2. Pay attention to the aging problem of the plug-in wire. Since the touch display is a long-term use product, there may be a problem that the service life of the plug-in wire cannot even keep up with the screen. During the long and endless operation, the wire is plugged in. It is extremely easy to damage the existence, especially in the cold and humid area, the shell of the plug is extremely easy to decay, causing poor operation and leakage. Therefore, you should always check the plug-in wires of the LED display. 3. Be careful not to put it together with corrosive objects. Strong corrosive objects are basically the natural enemies of all products, but the reason why we plan to put this old-fashioned question which is almost written into the precautions of all products and talk it out again. This is because part of the use scene of the display screen is in sub-warehouses or shops with narrow storefronts, and the businesses involved in these shops are inevitably related to chemicals. In the daily maintenance of high-quality LED displays, we should pay more attention to the dust of all kinds of air, and we should pay attention to the aging problem of plug-in wires. In addition, there is one thing to pay attention to when placing LED displays. Do not place the instrument with strong corrosive objects. As mentioned above, in fact, as long as you pay more attention and check more in normal use, you can ensure the smooth operation of the LED display.
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