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How to locate led display manufacturers

by:Toponetech     2021-04-21
Indoor full-color , stage , special-shaped , small-pitch touch display manufacturer has always been, the main commercial function of , most of them are long-distance, super large screen Outdoor advertising, stage display, etc., with the increase in the use of LED displays in indoor commercial applications, the simple display of advertising and text functions has become difficult to meet the needs of shopping malls. manufacturers are now rapidly developing informatization, digitization and touch screen equipment, and digital advertising in the form of advertising machines, window ads and other forms of digital advertising needs to have stronger interactive functions, so as to satisfy the diverse advertising promotion of enterprises and the further improvement of people’s products. To understanding. In this respect, compared to LCD screens, traditional screens have a particularly obvious disadvantage in terms of interactivity, and it is difficult for them to gain wide acceptance in indoor commercial display markets. But now, this problem has been gradually resolved. Now, as the global leader in smart city terminals, manufacturers have launched a variety of smart terminals with free WiFi, voice and video interaction, intelligent monitoring and other functions. In the future, intelligent elements such as face recognition and gesture remote control will also be combined with the , changing the dilemma that it is difficult to add interactive elements to the in the past. Since the first batch of national smart city pilot list was released in 2017, smart city construction has been put on the agenda. In 2016, eight ministries including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued and issued a proposal to build a batch of smart cities with distinctive characteristics by 2020, once again accelerating the pace of building smart cities. With the gradual advancement of the construction of smart cities, the use of LED displays as digital display devices in smart transportation, informatization communities, and smart medical care will continue to increase. screens will also continue to be developed and developed to increase the expansion of shopping malls. Broaden and promote the construction of smart cities. It is undeniable that the ultimate intention of merchants to build billboards is to promote product information, attract targeted customers, and make the greatest possible profit. The LED advertising screen is just to achieve this intention and become the first choice for companies to promote. What is the effect of using ? Let's take a look together! device 1. It has the effect of promoting the product and attracting customers. 2. Play store decoration and improve the effect of enterprise grade. 3. Play a unique effect of lighting. 4. Play the effect of pervasive common sense. (It can be used to broadcast small information about enterprise products and common sense of related occupations) 5. Play the effect of a bulletin board. (Promotion, recruitment information release) 6. Play the effect of setting off the atmosphere. Through the display screen, the welcome speech of superior leaders and various distinguished guests can be shown to watch and counsel, as well as the celebration speech of various serious festivals. In the end, we should take the time to customer-oriented accurate market positioning, and then adhere to the central thinking of focusing on customer needs in all aspects of products, channels, after-sales services, etc., because this business method is the detail of the market at that time To carry out changes, in the future, the development of manufacturers in my country will need to adhere to customer demand-oriented development, improve their product innovation ability, market expansion ability, brand competition ability and other general strengths, deepen understanding of the needs of the market, and better To promote the development of shopping malls.
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