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How to judge the quality of LED modules?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-18
Abstract:    [LED Module Wholesale] LED modules are mainly used to display the night effects of advertising fonts and logos. It uses text or logos as a medium and is installed on the roof or wall of buildings. It can not only express the daytime effects of the logo, but also use LEDs. As a luminous light source, it exhibits another effect at night. So how to judge the quality of LED modules [LED module wholesale] LED modules are mainly used to display the night effect of advertising fonts and logos. It uses text or logos as a medium and is installed on the top or wall of the building to perform To mark the daytime effect, LED can be used as a light source to show another effect at night. So how to judge the quality of LED modules?   1. Luminous efficiency. The lumens per watt is called luminous efficiency. This is an important criterion for judging whether the LED is energy-saving. Incandescent lamps 14.4LM/W, fluorescent lamps 51LM/W, neon lamps 43LM/W, LEDs currently up to 150LM/W, but most of the LEDs used in China have a luminous efficiency of 60~100LM/W. It should be noted that only white light can achieve high luminous efficiency in LEDs. The luminous efficiency of red, yellow, blue and green is very low. Among them, yellow and blue are almost the same as neon lights, but compared with neon lights, there is no heavy metal pollution to the environment and it is not easy to damage. 2. Wires. Wires are the connecting wires between LED modules. The amount of current passing through has a major relationship with the wires. Silicone sleeves contain a lot of copper wires, and the wire body is soft. This is the best wire, and the silicone sleeve can be lower than Long-term oxidation can also make the wire soft, which is convenient for users to install in a small space. More copper wires can pass more current without being burnt by the current.  3. Shell, this factor is not very important, it just depends on the appearance of the LED module. Some shells are UV-proof and flame-retardant. But if the shell is good, the quality of the general module will not be too bad.   4. Life span. Everyone thinks that the life of LED is 100,000 hours, and the business will not tell you the truth. In fact, LEDs can reach 100,000 hours in 10 or 20 years, and the lifespan of the best LEDs is estimated to be only 50,000 hours. Incandescent lamp 1000 hours, fluorescent lamp 2000 hours, neon lamp 10000 hours.  5. Double-sided adhesive: This usually uses ordinary instant noodle adhesive, and the quality is slightly different, which is not the main factor.  6. u200bu200bLED module manufacturers will solder the LEDs to the circuit board. When the quality of the LED is the same, the quality of the circuit board will have an important impact on the life of the LED. Circuit boards are divided into aluminum plates, fiberglass boards, semi-glass fiber boards, and cardboard. There is no doubt that the aluminum plate has the best quality and the best heat dissipation effect, but the cost is too high and can only be used in high-power LED products. If the circuit board is the same, it is necessary to judge whether the solder joints of the LED on the circuit board are bright and uniform. This is an important heat dissipation point. Large LED module manufacturers will choose better solder and automatic placement machines. , Reflow soldering equipment, small manufacturers will not invest in this because of the price of the fight, the life of the LED is not the life of the LED module, manufacturers generally confuse the concept. Due to the difference in production and materials, it will also have a certain impact on the life of the LED module.  7. Although the price of resistor is low, it is also a very important factor if the life of the LED is to be long. Good quality resistors are generally only used by well-known LED module manufacturers, as long as it is because of the cost.   8. Epoxy resin is used to wrap the circuit board to make the LED module waterproof. The gel is transparent at the beginning, and it will turn yellow after 3 months. It will crack after a long time, and the LED module will become invalid if the inventory time is too long. I will share with you how to judge the quality of LED modules today. LED modules are widely used products in LED products. There are also big differences in structure and electronics. The simple method is to use one device. The circuit board and housing with LED become an LED module. For complicated ones, some controls are added. Constant current source and related heat dissipation treatment make the LED life and luminous intensity better. 【LED unit board】【Indoor small pitch touch display】
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