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How to judge the pros and cons of outdoor LED displays

by:Toponetech     2021-05-18
With the gradual development of today’s society, the application of outdoor LED displays is becoming wider and wider, but we all know that although there are many manufacturers, the quality of the products is also good and bad, which leads to frequent accidents. Then how do we judge outdoor LED displays What are the pros and cons of the screen? In the field of LED display, the most important thing is the LED lamp beads. The quality of the lamp beads affects the display effect of the touch display. LED lamp beads are the most used key component in the display screen. Thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of lamp beads are used per square meter. The lamp beads are also the main body that determines the entire screen, which directly affects the audience’s evaluation of the display. The lamp beads account for the largest proportion of the overall cost of the display, so we can imagine its importance. Outdoor LED display in the field of LED display, the most important link is brightness, then the problem is coming. Under the high requirements for brightness, heat dissipation will become a major problem that hinders users and LED display manufacturers. , Heat dissipation is a more important issue whether it is in the LED field or lighting. Major LED display manufacturers have launched their own heat dissipation solutions, threatening that the heat dissipation effect of their own products has become an important indicator. Another reason is that with the successful development and application of small-pitch LED displays, the issue of pros and cons is even more affecting the hearts of many users and display companies. So how to identify the pros and cons of LED display beads?   1. Packaging technology, good quality LED lamp beads have uniform color and good colloidal consistency. This shows the importance of machinery and equipment. Production machinery and equipment is a very important and important factor. Good equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of the product in various procedures and ensure the yield of the product.  2. Look at the brightness, which is how much LM your lamp beads can achieve. LM is a unit to measure the brightness of the lamp beads.   3. Check whether the light is uniform and the color is consistent. The good quality of the lamp beads is uniform and the color is consistent. The poor quality of the lamp beads will show the phenomenon of varying degrees of brightness, and the luminous colors are uneven.   4. Chip size, the chip is the decisive factor for the quality of the lamp beads. Under normal circumstances, the larger the chip, the stronger the stability, the higher the brightness, and the better the heat dissipation.  5. Looking at glue and phosphor, generally good products will use imported glue. The encapsulated lamp beads will not be deformed by hand, while the low-quality glue will deform or even crack.  6. u200bu200bLook at the bracket. Normally, the bracket is a silver-plated copper bracket. The advantage of the silver-plated copper bracket is that it dissipates heat quickly, can better dissipate heat to the lamp beads, and has low resistance.
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