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How to install indoor and outdoor LED displays?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-08
LED display screens are divided into indoor LED display screens and outdoor LED display screens. Today, let's learn about how to install indoor and outdoor LED display screens. 1. The installation method of indoor LED display: 1. Hanging (wall-mounted) is suitable for display screens of less than 10 square meters. The wall is required to have concrete beams on the solid wall or hanging. Hollow bricks or simple partitions are not suitable for this installation method. 2. Rack mounting is suitable for display screens of more than 10 square meters, and is easy to maintain. Other specific requirements are the same as for wall mounting. 3. Hoisting: suitable for display screens below 10 square meters. This installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as a beam or lintel above. And the screen body generally needs a back cover. 4. Seat mount: movable seat mount: refers to the seat frame which is processed separately. Placed on the ground, it can be moved. Fixed seat: refers to the seat frame is a fixed seat frame connected to the ground or wall. 2. Outdoor touch display installation method: 1. Column type: Column installation is suitable for the installation of LED display on the open ground, and the outdoor screen is installed on the column. Columns are divided into single column and double column. In addition to the screen steel structure, concrete or steel columns need to be manufactured, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation. 2. The mosaic inlay structure is suitable for display screen projects that have been included in the planning and design of the building. The installation space for the display screen is reserved in advance during the construction of the civil engineering project. The actual installation only needs to make the display screen steel structure It is embedded in the wall of the building, leaving enough space for maintenance on the back. 3. The general installation method of the roof type is to fix the screw on the wall, install the screen in the frame on the fixed frame, connect the power cord, arrange the cable, light up and debug. 4. The seat-mounted structure is to use a concrete structure on the ground to build a wall that is enough to support the entire LED display. A steel structure is built on the wall to install the display. The steel structure reserves 800mm of maintenance space for the placement of related equipment and Maintenance facilities.
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