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How to improve the stability of indoor LED display rental?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-16
In today's era, science and technology are developing rapidly, and touch display rentals are frequently used in large-scale events such as advertisements, performances, parties, press releases, and the stability of the display plays a vital role in the whole process, especially Rental series for live performances. In order to achieve various display effects, it is necessary to frequently change the splicing shape of the display screen. The requirements for the display screen are not only convenient for installation and debugging, but also extremely stable. So how to improve the stability of the rental LED stage screen? The following explains from three aspects: material selection, system control scheme, and real-time monitoring of the working status of the display screen. The key materials that determine the stability of the display screen are LED lights, driver ICs, power supplies, power signal connectors and excellent structural design. Our requirements for material selection are: internationally well-known brands, related tests that are higher than the industry standard requirements, and requirements for various protection functions. For example, switching power supply selection requirements: overheating protection, AC input must support wide voltage, anti-surge. The DC output must be protected against overvoltage and overcurrent. The structural design must ensure good heat dissipation and fast splicing while ensuring the appearance and fashion of the cabinet. In order to meet the needs of the stage scene, the display screen needs to be mobile spliced u200bu200bin the live broadcast scene. If due to staff negligence or other reasons, a display signal input line in the middle of the large screen becomes loose, in the conventional control scheme, from the loose box to the end of the signal cascade, all displays There will be no signal. If a hot backup solution is added to the control system, the hot backup function will be activated when the signal line is loosened, and the display will still work normally without any impact on the live broadcast scene. The working status of the touch display can be monitored in real time with a computer, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, working status of the cooling fan, and so on. It can automatically adjust and deal with various situations that occur, and provide locations and alarms for abnormalities. For example: when a cabinet has a relatively high temperature inside the cabinet due to the environment or other factors, the power supply inside the cabinet will be protected from over-temperature at any time without timely treatment. If monitoring the working status of the display screen under this condition, the system will reduce the internal temperature of the display screen by intelligently adjusting the working state of the display screen. When the intelligent adjustment cannot reduce the temperature to the set target, the system will alarm through the staff setting method, and provide the location of the abnormal box, and notify the staff to deal with it in time. Ensure the normal working condition of the display screen. In short, to improve the stability of touch display rentals, we must comprehensively consider all aspects of material selection, hardware design, system control schemes, and so on. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a reliable display rental company. Optoelectronics focuses on the development and production of LED displays.
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