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How to do outdoor led display moisture-proof measures

by:Toponetech     2021-01-14
Because in the summer, the weather in the south is relatively wet, and often come up small water droplets on the wall, let a person feel a man's whole environment air is wet, for led display, in this special environment, with some moisture proof measures are necessary skills, wet weather damage is very big for electronic products, moisture will seriously affect the normal operation of the circuit board, cause a short-circuit, would result in grave damage to display life and function. So how do we to do a good job of outdoor touch display moisture? Outdoor led display itself in the space environment is more complex, of course, we can also take indoor moistureproof measure, but the outdoor led display not only need to consider the damp problem, but also to consider the problem of waterproof, dustproof, good sealing installation can not only help screen lower inlet wind direction, but also able to regularly clean screen surface adhesion of dust both inside and outside, can also help screen better heat dissipation, to reduce the adhesion of water vapor. In short, if you want to avoid wet damage display function is the most effective way is to use the led display, often in the working status of the display will continue to generate heat, to be able to part attached to the surface of the water evaporates, so that we can reduce the situation of the damp cause a short-circuit, therefore, often use the led display is not often used for display is not easy to bad. 258 a indoor led display on how to prevent moisture under a outdoor touch display how to determine whether to mark
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