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How to design the LED display screen supporting structure in construction

by:Toponetech     2021-02-21
LED display support structure is divided into three kinds of floor, wall and roof type, the stress-strain characteristics of different types of support structure system. By comparing the finite element analysis of three kinds of support structure system, draw the corresponding optimization scheme of the support structure. Results show that the support system appropriate USES circular cross section cantilever column on floor, wall hung levels to support system appropriate USES composite truss, the roof type appropriate USES a space truss support structure system. Key nodes in view of the support structure optimization design, by setting the shear keys or cross stiffening rib construction measures such as optimizing the node stress state, improve the safety performance of the support structure. With the development of multimedia technology, LED electronic display screen is widely used in show business, have a good advertising effect, design good display support structure at the same time can become beautiful beautiful scenery line in the city buildings. Combined display of line-of-sight requirement and characteristics of investment region usually structure types according to the needs of construction site and building design. LED display usually adopt independent ground form or annex set) 。 According to different display forms of supporting structure, its mechanical characteristics should be analyzed correctly choose corresponding structure, this article will be to small make up the LED electronic display support structure is classified and summarized of support structure design applicable scope, the difficulty and the corresponding optimized design scheme and construction measures. 1, display support structure type 1. More than 1 floor floor type support structure LED electronic display Settings in city square or important traffic intersections. Analysis of ground screen supporting structure stress characteristics, the support structure appropriate USES a space steel truss structure. On the basis set 4 pillar of combination form space lattice steel column. The upper screen body part adopts multi-layer horizontal space truss structure, can meet the requirements of structure, and can meet the set of access channel. Yiwu bing wang LED display screen area of the screen body size to 13 effectively. 4 mx8。 6 m, belongs to the typical floor type support structure, using the lattice column form display support structure system. Steel lattice column 4 main segments with 300 mmx300 MMX 10 mm, horizontal transverse use 200 mm x 100 mmx6mm, oblique abdominal rod for 100 mm * 100 mm * 6 mm, combined with the internal space of the lattice column set maintenance master cheng yen channel; Screen dorsal component adopts steel truss structure, the upper chord and bottom chord, adopt 100 CHS mmx100 mmx6 mm, 6 mm thick steel plate upper laid channel in order to meet the maintenance requirements. The foundation USES the independent concrete foundation. 1. 2 wall supporting structure of city construction density is bigger, only a very small area can satisfy the construction conditions of floor display. And LED electronic display screen has the advantages of dynamic image ads, urban commercial district is proposed to build a large number of LED display, solution to the contradiction of construction is attached to the display of existing buildings. According to the structure of the construction conditions, the transformation and building height are usually attached to the structure of the LED display supporting structure can be divided into wall-mounted display screen supporting structure support structure and the roof of their building. Wall-mounted display use monolayer steel structure more fixed support structure in the main structure profile, set inside the channel. Wenzhou branch of China telecom the LED large screen display 24 station building. 0 mx 13。 4 m, belongs to the typical wall display support structure, the steel 160 mmx160 mmx6 mm form node system, channel 14 a laying on the 6 mm thick embossing plate forming maintenance channel, each node through six M16 anchor bolt anchoring side frame column in the main body structure. Five, the conclusion ( 1) Console display support structure belongs to the cantilever structure, the key component for the cylinder, according to the result of stress and strain analysis combining with the characteristics of electronic display repair, preferable lattice type section. ( 2) Wall-mounted display support structure level lamellar structure system using oblique abdominal rod combination truss structure is better than straight diagonal combination truss structure, when the main structure axis is bigger, the middle area unable to set the node should be increased when inclined diagonal density. ( 3) Roof type display support structure can use space truss structure and space truss structure system, two kinds of structure stress and strain equilibrium, considering from aspects such as construction difficulty choice space truss system. ( 4) Display accurate design of support structure node structure security positions can be crucial to the whole, in view of the root node force larger feature set of shear keys or structural measures, such as cross stiffening rib can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the node.
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