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How to correctly understand the relationship between LED display price and quality?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-16
Quality and price are directly proportional. It's the same in any industry. If you care about quality, please respect its price; if you want cheapness, please don't imagine how good the quality of the product is. The LED display industry is of course the same. The higher the price of LED display products, the better its quality. LED display prices are currently accelerated with the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of upstream manufacturers in the touch display industry and the continuous increase in terminal market demand, most customers have been able to accept the high prices of high-quality products and solutions. However, under this situation, Some sales in the industry report that products are getting worse and worse, and many customers are entangled. Sales tell him about the quality, but he talks about the price, and he talks about the price, but the quality is not good. Isn't it difficult to communicate? Is this really the case? To figure out this problem, touch display manufacturers and sales staff must first figure out the meaning of quality, price and brand and the relationship between them.  First of all, maybe you have misunderstood the definition of the quality of the LED display. Quality can be understood as quality plus brand. Only products with good quality and a certain degree of brand awareness (brand added value) can be regarded as truly good quality. Quality u003d quality + brand, this is the definition of the consumption upgrade market economy era. If you are holding an unknown brand or even a copycat brand, how can you say that the added value of the brand? How can LED display manufacturers have the confidence to talk to customers about product quality? Therefore, in the eyes of end-market customers, quality has a threshold. When your product does not reach this threshold, they will naturally negotiate the price with you, and the lower the price becomes. LED display price   Secondly, perhaps it confuses the meaning of value for money. LED display manufacturers, especially store owners in third- and fourth-tier cities, or even small towns, can easily enter a misunderstanding when communicating with customers, which is mentioned at the beginning: thinking that customers always negotiate prices with high-end products. And when talking about quality with low-end products, the reason is that merchants always like to one-sidedly believe that customers' pursuit of value for money and cost-effectiveness is the high cost-effectiveness in price. In fact, it is not that simple. With the continuous advancement of technology, new products in the market emerge in an endless stream, giving users more options, and at the same time giving customers more room to shop around, or even more, with higher product requirements. On the other hand, with the further release of terminal market segmentation and specialization and customers’ individualized needs for products, more and more end customers hope that their needs will be paid attention to by upstream manufacturers and be resolved, whether it is products or This is true in terms of service.  Finally, build a sense of quality with customers. Birds of a feather flock together. In the era of information integration, every personality and every hobby can become a small community. Therefore, dealers have to abandon the direct push method, but to pull. We must operate ourselves as a small and micro platform and a community platform to attract more consumers with similar values u200bu200band hobbies, gather them together, and emphasize the same values, the same experience, and the same sense of acquisition. Influencing them through brand culture and value penetration.  In short, high quality and low price are a legend. It should be understood that in the sales process, those who only care about price are generally one-time transactions, while those who care about quality and service are long-term partners.
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