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How to correctly choose industrial tablet machine

by:Toponetech     2020-08-31
Customers in the industrial tablet often troubled, what industry tablet is high quality? How to choose an appropriate industrial tablets? Crown teck engineers think, choose a suitable industrial tablet computer, from the physical properties, display characteristics, processing performance and producer services for all-round consideration. 1, strong and durable, tablet against bad environment industry is mainly used in complex harsh operating environments, requires the device itself have good anti-corrosion function, can waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Crown teck with advanced mechanical design, to provide users with IP65 rating the front panel of water-proof and dust-proof. 2, outstanding display, automatic dimming function first brightness requirements ( The best distance and ideal lighting condition) , the indoor environment of 250 ~ 300 CD/m2 brightness sunlight readable, if in outdoor applications, is usually very high brightness requirements, need 500 ~ 1000 CD/m2. As the outdoor light in one day will be constantly changing, crown teck series of outdoor industry tablet automatic dimming function can be induced the brightness of the ambient light level, automatically adjust the backlight. This not only make the experience more comfortable and less electricity. Second colour and, in some industrial applications, when express the information of color, Such as air clouds flow display) Is more important than the text and Numbers of cases, the measurement of color as a control on the number of the percentage of the NTSC color saturation is very important, at present mainly depends on the backlit LCD products at saturation, CCF ( Cold cathode fluorescent screen) Now is very mainstream application technology, usually can achieve the color saturation of 70% 80%, if you want to close to full color saturation, so usually backlit LED technology to achieve. Backlight life and in industrial applications due to the impact on the environment and the demand of the continuous use, generally CCF ( Cold cathode fluorescent lamp) The life expectancy of 30000 ~ 50000 hours. Crown teck tablets are all made of industrial grade LED backlit display, backlight up to 50000 hours, to provide users with high-quality display performance. 3, stable performance, rich extension industrial tablets as industrial PC + screen whole plan, compared the fission plan, its advantage lies in the stability of performance. Crown teck industrial tablet compact integral structure, scientific professional heat dissipation design. At the same time focus on the latest CPU technology to the user experience better CPU/graphics performance and lower power consumption. Rich extension function is also one of the essential requirements when choosing industrial tablets. To meet different applications, can be in miniPCIe, PCI and PCIe standard extension card offers a variety of options. Through this kind of flexible design, users can extend the field bus card to realize communication between the devices. 4, service customization in the end, when choosing industrial tablets, even if the tablets have excellent modular design, sometimes standard still cannot meet the demand of users, then it need professional producer and service for the customer to reduce. Although standardized tablet provides excellent performance, but the user's demand is constantly changing and growing. Crown teck fast and efficient r&d resources to provide customized services include mechanical modification, software distribution of mirror, I/O adjustment, etc. Therefore, the user can through the crown teck services are exclusive products, so as to realize different application requirements. These are measures of the basic elements of an industrial tablet is qualified, and is an important premise of the user when the choice.
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