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How to combine small-pitch LED display with VR and AR

by:Toponetech     2021-05-04
Speaking of the most popular black technology in recent times, AR and VR are none other than AR and VR. The expectations of all walks of life are combined with the expansion prospects are so good, then for the combination of small-pitch LED display and AR and VR technology What is it like? What do the senior staff of touch display manufacturers think? The small-pitch LED display well-known touch display company's technology editor believes that at present, the small-pitch own market size still has many restrictions on the pattern, only the current technology hot The added value of the combination of AR and VR can better avoid harsh price wars. If the price war cannot be effectively avoided, the quality of user experience with the manufacturer's products will decline. I remember Mr. Hu once said: The development of small pitch and the combination of VR and AR technology is indispensable in the future. In the days of future development, I believe that many LED display manufacturers will pay attention to this aspect. The root cause is the infinite demand for vision, and the dynamics are affirmed. The effect is much better than the static effect, and virtual technology can indeed allow users to see the three-dimensional display effect on the plane, but if combined with the small-pitch LED display, it will be more seamless, and it can also greatly enhance the product. The visual value. The editor of LED display manufacturers believes that in the future, users will be very interested in AR and VR, so we are now making some unknown advanced technology reserves, although we have not rushed to sell to customers, but the poor is a practicality. The problem. When our technical reserves are more practical and can indeed solve some practical problems of users, we will sell them to the market. LED display companies still take a positive attitude towards the innovative new technologies of virtual reality in the future. Nowadays, many LED companies are starting to move around, but in fact, in addition to actions in the market, there are no other touch display companies. This is how the senior technology personnel explained: VR and AR can only be used as pilots, demonstrations, cases, boutiques, etc.... However, the application of scenes has been very successful in sports events. Try, in other words: Now that the technology virtual technology has reached a certain level, it has not yet been implemented in the market. The difficulty in the development of the integration of high-tech such as virtual reality and small-pitch LED displays is how to create a mutually-win marketing model.  It is not difficult to see here that AR and VR technology will surely become the next outlet in the LED display industry, and it is also a difficult challenge for the LED display. The opportunity lies in its broad application market, and the challenge lies in how to establish a marketing model between the two parties. Here, I believe we will do better in the future.
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