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How to clean industrial touch monitor?

How to clean industrial touch monitor?


After a period of use, the industrial touch monitor will have some problems with dirty screen or internal dust. Then you have to clean the touch monitors. If the cleaning is not done in time, it will cause problems such as insensitive touch, no system response, and unequal system response. However, if the cleaning method is not correct, the same problem will occur, so how should it be cleaned?

industry touch monitor

The cleaning of industrial touch monitors must first choose microfiber cloth. Distilled water or a targeted commercial touchscreen cleaner. General industrial touch display manufacturers will recommend corresponding cleaning agents to customers according to their own products during installation. Customers must remember that cleaning agents cannot be arbitrarily selected. Choose a microfiber cloth, which is ideal for cleaning touch screens. Some devices come with such a cloth, and you can also use your sunglasses wipes.

When cleaning the industrial touch monitor, some people are lazy and start cleaning without shutting down, but this will destroy some components of the touch all-in-one machine. So turn off the device before starting cleaning. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth, don't push too hard, don't rub too hard, let the screen air dry when it's wet. To clean a microfiber cloth, soak the cloth in the cleaning agent, soak the cloth first and then gently scrub, otherwise the cloth will be damaged. After soaking, squeeze out excess water, allow the cloth to air dry, and gently wipe the screen.

When cleaning the touch screen of industrial touch monitors, do not use any cleaners containing ammonia, which is common to most industrial touch monitors and touch all-in-one computers.

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