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How to choose the size and model of the LED transparent screen?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-15
Abstract: What are the dimensions of the transparent LED screen and how to choose the model? What are the dimensions of the transparent LED screen and how to choose the model? There are many LED transparent screen manufacturers in the industry. Regarding transparent screen products, there is currently no standardized standard in the industry. So, how should we choose the transparent display model in actual use? What is the difference between the different models? As we all know, the display effect of touch display is mainly affected by its core technical parameters, such as pixel pitch, product appearance, etc. Next, I will give you a detailed answer. As can be seen from the above table, when choosing a transparent LED screen, users can focus on the following core parameter indicators: 1. Pixels. Transparent screens generally use SMD packaging, and pixel points (ie dot pitch) are the basis for distinguishing LED transparent screen models, and also determine the final display effect of transparent LED screens. 2. The brightness of the screen. The application environment of transparent screens can be divided into two categories, one is pure indoor environment application, the brightness is about 1000CD/㎡, the other is semi-outdoor environment, indoor installation, outdoor highlight display, the brightness is greater than 3000CD/㎡ or even A higher brightness model. 3. The best viewing distance and effect: the higher the pixel density, the more suitable for high-definition viewing and the better the effect. 4. Price: The smaller the distance of the transparent electronic disk, the more expensive it is. When the viewing position is not critical, the effect of a full-color LED transparent screen is difficult to distinguish; for example, the P8 and P10 transparent screens have similar viewing effects at 20 meters away. 5. Purchase: The choice of transparent LED display model is generally small area, small model is suitable for close viewing; large area, large model is suitable for long-distance viewing. Of course, when choosing a transparent screen, the user can comprehensively consider factors such as size, usage requirements, installation and viewing environment, budget and other factors to select the ideal product model. 【LED transparent glass screen】【LED glass screen】
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