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How to choose the right commercial or industrial touch all-in-one computer?

How to choose the right commercial or industrial touch all-in-one computer?


The touch all-in-one computer can be used in many fields. In addition to the common consumer fields, the commercial and industrial fields can also show their strengths. How to choose a touch all-in-one computer suitable for you, the following points need to be seriously considered:


First, consider the application functions of the touch all-in-one computer: According to your needs, it is most important to choose the right touch all-in-one computer. If your application scenario involves the connection of some professional software or some other hardware devices, at this time, you need to confirm whether the operating system of your supplier ’s computer can support your software to achieve the function you want, and Or, if you need to connect to other external devices, whether the interface provided by the supplier to your product is rich depends on whether the various devices can be connected. If the touch all-in-one computer you want is used outdoors, you also need the computer monitor to have high-brightness features and anti-glare features under strong light.


Second, consider the touch performance of the touch all-in-one computer: When buying, choose a good quality touch screen monitor or touch all in one computer, which can not only improve the user experience, but also reduce radiation, which is more conducive to user health. The top touch all-in-one computers use the original new high-definition LCD screen with the most advanced projected surface capacitance 10-points touch technology, the touch position is very accurate and smooth! If you use a touch screen with poor quality or other technologies, its touch sensitivity is greatly reduced. The standard for testing the touch performance is actually very simple: whether there will be drift when touching. High-quality capacitive touch screens will perform multiple dynamic cycle sampling comparisons during design and manufacturing to ensure that the output data at the same point is stable. If the touch of the all-in-one computer is no longer sensitive, then it will lose an extremely important and convenient way of inputting information, and it will be very embarrassing to use. Therefore, it is also critical to consider the performance of touch when purchasing a touch all-in-one computer!


Third, consider the heat dissipation of touch all-in-one computers: Different from consumer all in one computers, commercial and industrial products are generally kept in operation for a long time, and even in some cases are overloaded, then the heat dissipation performance of the product becomes important indicators to measure the quality of the touch all-in-one computer. If the heat dissipation performance is not good enough, it will affect the running speed and service life. How to evaluate the heat dissipation ability of a touch all-in-one computer, there are a few points to refer to: one is whether the product chooses a professional industrial-grade LCD module; the second is whether there is a special heat dissipation design on the product's appearance ,such as heat dissipation holes or slots.

TopOneTech Limted has been cultivating in the touch field for more than ten years. It has strong design and manufacturing capabilities and very rich experience in touch solutions.

We have the development capabilities and strengths of the Windows operating system, Linux operating system and Android operating system on the touch all in one computer.At present, the R & D and manufacturing products are complete in size, and the mass-produced products range from small 7-inch and 10.1 inch to medium and large 15.6-inch and 21.5-inch product lines.


At the same time, we also support customized services, whether it is the product's shape design, operating system, display brightness and viewing angle, cover glass and strength and anti-glare treatment, and other special needs, we can customize. The characteristics of our customized service are No MOQ requirements, very low NRE, drawings in 3 days and prototyping in 15 days.


We focus on solving the pain points of commercial or industrial touch all in one computers, making our products very beautiful in appearance (comparable to some consumer products), powerful, and outstanding performance, which can meet commercial and industrial needs.


We are always here to provide you with the touch solutions you want. Best Touch,Best Business!

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