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How to Choose the Glass Panel of the Capacitive Touch Screen?

How to Choose the Glass Panel of the Capacitive Touch Screen?


There are many ways to choose the glass panel of the capacitive touch screen. The glass panel is generally divided into four types: conventional glass, AF glass, AR glass, and AG glass.Next, Toponetech Touch Screen Display introduces How to Choose the Glass Panel of the Capacitive Touch Screen?

Capacitive Touch Screen

Choose Glass Panel of the Capacitive Touch Screen

The first type, conventional glass

In fact, it is ordinary glass in the industry. This kind is mainly used indoors and has no special requirements for the using conditions.

The second type, AF glass

AF, it means anti-fingerprint. It is composed of SiO2+AF material (DON, M4, Dow Corning AF material), and generally adopts vacuum evaporation coating method.

Principle: AF anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint glass is based on the lotus leaf principle. A layer of nano-chemical material is coated on the outer surface of the glass to minimize the surface tension of the glass. The contact area between dust and the glass surface is reduced by 90%, endowing it with stronger water-repellent, anti-oil stain, anti-fingerprint ability; making the glass panel maintain bright and clean for a long time.

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The third type, AR glass

AR, it means anti-reflection, which can increase transparency by increasing the transmittance of glass (screen) and reducing the reflectance of glass (screen). There are many materials to choose from. Generally, high and low refractive index materials are used for cross-stack plating, and either vacuum evaporation plating or magnetron sputtering plating can be used.

Principle: When the light is emitted from the light-thin material to the light-dense material, the reflected light will have a half-wave loss. After the AR film is coated on the glass, the reflected light on the surface is exactly half a wavelength away from the optical path difference of the reflected light on the front surface of the film. The reflected light on the front and back of the film cancels out, which is equivalent to increasing the energy of the transmitted light. And by coating both sides of the glass at the same time, the two sides of the glass can reduce the reflection effect at the same time.

The fourth type, AG glass

AG, which means anti-glare, is the special treatment of single-sided or double-sided glass surface to achieve multi-angle diffuse reflection effect, thereby increasing the viewing angle of the picture, reducing the interference of ambient light, and reducing the screen Reflective. The method of spraying + baking can be used to form the film, and a colloidal solution such as SiO2 is used.

Principle: Through light scattering and diffuse reflection, reduce reflection to achieve the purpose of anti-vertigo and anti-glare, so as to create a clear and transparent visual space to have a better visual enjoyment.

There are many kinds of glass panels, and only a clear understanding of their different characteristics and principles can one make the correct judgment. Top One Tech's glass panel inventory is also sufficient. We will select different glass panels to assemble on the capacitive touch screen according to the customer's customized needs and the engineer's analysis and suggestions, so that the touch screen can adapt to various devices and various environments.

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