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How to choose the best touch monitor customization solution

How to choose the best touch monitor customization solution


When you start a product project, the touchscreen part of the project may be developed around a product that is already on the market. In this way, it is easy to limit the design of the whole project, because you may not find a suitable touch monitor in the market. So the best solution is to customize the touch display to fit the project.


When many customers hear customization, the first reaction is that they are very expensive. A misunderstanding I want to clear up today - does a custom touch display screen have to be expensive? In fact, it doesn't have to be that way. If you ask an experienced engineer and are an expert in optimizing costs, you can get a solution that meets your requirements. Of course, if you can provide more details of the requirements, the plan will be more accurate. Top One Tech's touch monitor customization options offer the possibility to create a collection of affordable custom touch monitors tailored to your project.

In the process of creating the touch monitor, all you need to do is answer a few questions, and if you have a sample, you can send it to us. Our engineers will ask you questions about your equipment and its environment, as well as analyzing samples, and then they will design a  solution for you.

custom 27 inch PCAP Touch Screen Monitor

They need information about the nature of your project:


1. What industry will it be used for?


2. What kind of usage environment?


3. What size and resolution are required?


4. What interface is required?


5. How is the working environment?


For example, the type of application is important because of the perspective. The most common viewing angle for a display is 90°. Your product application may require a different angle or full viewing angle.


Now, let's consider the type of environment the touch display will be in: residential, industrial, office, outdoor, indoor. For example, if the display is in a humid environment, you need to make sure the touch panel is waterproof. If we are talking about an industrial environment, then maybe the LCD screen needs special glass reinforcement.


Touch display customization provides a unique modular system that enables different configurations of the same display size.


Here are some options to choose from.


1. Resistive touch, capacitive touch panel or no touch panel


2. Different types of touch controllers


3.Uxtouch frame, or no frame


4. Screen enhancements


5. Decorative cover glass


6. Different types of drive controllers


Of course, you can't figure out all these little details yourself, and you don't need to. The experienced team of Top One Tech manufacturers will ask you all relevant questions and find out your exact needs.

Both in shape and size, as well as in the choice of colors and materials. You can have a complete touch display customization solution that perfectly fits the design of your company's products and brands.

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