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How To Choose Between Industrial Touch Screen Displays Or Industrial Touch Monitors?

How To Choose Between Industrial Touch Screen Displays Or Industrial Touch Monitors?



Touchscreen displays or monitors have become ubiquitous in our lives, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics products. Nowadays, touch screen displays are used more and more in industrial products, and the application scenarios of industrial touch monitors are more and more extensive. How to choose the best industrial touch monitors or industrial touch monitors? Here are a few key points:

Industrial Touch Monitors Spplier | Toponetech Firstly, we must be able to accept relatively high selling prices. The best industrial touch screen monitors are usually more expensive than consumer monitors of the same size and resolution. It is understandable because the value determines the price. The value comes from product reliability, and the reliability of industrial products is much higher than that of general consumer products.


Secondly, we have to verify the capabilities of manufacturers. Every buyer wants to purchase in the original factory. If the buyer has the energy, he can conduct a field visit. If the original factory is far away or abroad, the buyer can use a credible third party to confirm whether the supplier has the original factory certification by a professional institution.

Again, we need to check the service capabilities of suppliers. One of the biggest differences between industrial products and consumer products is that industrial products are used for the processing and production of products for business operations, which bring profits and benefits to buyers. When the buyer encounters problems in product use, etc., it needs the supplier to have a strong service capability, respond quickly, and assist the buyer to solve the problem in the shortest time.

Industrial Touch Screen Manufacturer| Toponetech

Finally, it is also extremely important that the supplier's products must be of high quality and innovative. If the product quality is not guaranteed, it is difficult for the machine to run smoothly. If there is no product innovation, the products purchased by the buyers are not easy to attract end customers and consumers, and the buyers' competitiveness will not be very strong.

If you agree with these points, it will be a wise decision to choose Top One Tech Limited to provide you with products and services.

Top One Tech Limited is an enterprise focusing on the production and sales of industrial touch screen displays or industrial touch monitors. More than ten years of industry experience has allowed Top One Tech Limited to provide high-quality products to customers; a comprehensive supply chain management team and scientific supply chain management methods have allowed Top One Tech Limited to do cost management and provide lower prices products to customers.

Top One Tech Limited has a strong production capacity, and its qualifications have passed the audit and certification of SGS and BV companies. In addition, Top One Tech Limited has established an efficient sales and service team to ensure that the customer's ideas can be answered at the first time, and the customer's needs can be fully met. At the same time, Top One Tech Limited strictly controls the quality, from raw material procurement to finished product shipment, there are scientific and strict procedures to ensure that the products provided to customers are the best.

Industrial Touch Screen & Monitors Factory | Toponetech

Top One Tech Limited's design and development department closely follows market trends and actively develops new products. The most popular of the moment Front Flashing LED Bar Series touch screen monitors are their latest achievements.

The Front Flashing LED Bar Series industrial touch screen uses the most advanced touch solution, use a projected capacitive sensor. The industrial touch monitors are surrounded by LED lights, a built-in integrated chip, a wireless remote controller that control the light mode, have 358 lighting modes, and the colours of the lights are gorgeous and natural. It can be flexibly applied to casino slot machines, advertising machines, kiosk machines, etc. It can bring an excellent control experience to users or players.

Currently selling sizes are 18.5 inch, 19 inch, 21.5 inch, 23.8 inch, 27 inch, and 32 inch.If you need other sizes of touch screen monitor, or have other personalized requirements, Top One Tech Limited can also provide customized services.And their specialty are low volume customization,very low NRE cost,drawings in 3 days and prototyping in 15 days.

Top One Tech Limited's vision is to persist in serving every customer with heart and grow together with customers.




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