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How to choose LED unit board?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-13
Abstract: Knowledge points of LED unit board purchase: First: According to the lamp beads of the module, it is particularly important to select the lamp bead material selection and packaging process level of the LED unit board, which directly determines the quality of the LED unit board product. In addition, due to the differences in the current various materials, the expansion coefficient of the LED unit board lamp beads is different from the external environment LED unit board purchase knowledge points: First: select the lamp bead material selection of the LED unit board according to the lamp beads of the module And the packaging process level is particularly important, which directly determines the quality of the LED unit board product quality. In addition, due to the difference in various materials at present, the expansion coefficient of the LED unit board lamp beads is different from external environmental factors. It is easy to break the gold wire connection, but the result will lead to dead lights and flashing lights. Therefore, The lamp beads of the LED unit board module are particularly critical. LED large screen Second: Choose according to the PCB of the module. The technical requirements of the LED unit board module on the PCB board are much higher than other parts. However, the PCB board of the current stable LED unit board module is generally composed of a substrate and a metal coating to form an integrated circuit. However, in the application process, the external environment has many factors that affect the quality of the module PC board, such as the size of the through hole, the thickness of the coating, and the material of the substrate. Therefore, the user should consider the application environment of the module's PCB board in the process of selecting the LED unit board. touch display screen 3: Reference according to the module kit The LED unit board module kit is the core structure of the outdoor surface mount module, which can protect the key elements of the lamp beads, unit board and splicing the entire screen. The LED unit board kit mainly includes a mask, bottom case, positioning holes and mounting screws, etc. However, the LED unit board kit must be moisture-proof, waterproof and UV-proof, and the quality of the kit affects the flatness, contrast and use of the display life. The electronic display screen is not only that, the potting glue of the LED unit board module is also a very important link that affects the performance of the display screen module. The potting glue has a degree of adhesion, corrosion, UV resistance, resistance to aging, and strong airtightness. Such characteristics can affect the application performance of the LED unit board module. It can be seen that users should pay attention to the above-mentioned selection method when purchasing a reliable LED unit board.
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