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How to choose indoor LED display?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-11
The industry has experienced more than ten years of development, and the products of the industry are constantly developing in the direction of high technology and modernization. Under the technological and technological innovation, the touch display market has made rapid progress, and new products continue to emerge. According to data from authoritative organizations, in 2017, the global market scale exceeded 5 billion US dollars. Among them, indoor display products have experienced several years of development and precipitation. In 2017, the market scale has maintained rapid development and is widely used in military applications. , Government monitoring command center, large-scale video conference system and other high-end fields.
The advantages of production
1. Area scalability, it is difficult to achieve seamless splicing when LCD area is large, can be extended arbitrarily, and achieve seamless splicing. 2. The luminous flux of the LCD plasma screen decays very quickly. Generally, it needs to be replaced after running for about one and a half years, but the screen should be no problem for at least five years under the same operating conditions. 3. The LED screen swipe machine can use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the screen swipe machine as an advertising medium and the advertising audience, such as customizing the touch screen and implementing cloud technology broadcast control management. 4. In terms of display effects, the high brightness, wide viewing angle and good color reproduction capability of LED displays are also superior to LCD screens. LED swipe screens are generally used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed railways, subways, cinemas, exhibitions, office buildings, etc. The target customers have strong consumption power and have huge advertising value.
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