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How to choose and customize touch advertising machine

How to choose and customize touch advertising machine


With the popularization and application of commercial display devices, the application of all-in-one touch screens has deeply affected people's work and life. Among the many commercial display devices, touch screens are the most widely used. They have gradually entered the market. Compared with unilaterally output advertising machines, their interactive functions have become particularly prominent. The touch advertising machine takes 3D content as the core, printing, advertising, sharing and many other functions, emphasizing interest, interaction and technical sense, and closely connects the relationship between enterprises and customers through a variety of interactive methods.

Due to the huge market potential and the chaos of the industry, many corporate brands are mixed, product quality is not guaranteed, and customers will encounter many problems when buying touch advertising machines. Top One Tech tells you that when you need to purchase or customize a touch advertising machine, there are several criteria for judging that are very important.

First, have a general understanding of the touch advertising machine before purchasing

Generally speaking, the touch advertising machine includes hardware and software. The hardware mainly covers some external devices such as touch screens and shells. The software includes the computer system and some software customized by the manufacturer as required by the customer. For the hardware, you must understand the basic knowledge of the hardware, the configuration of the host, and the related models when purchasing.

There is not much difference between the host configuration of the touch advertising machine and the general computer configuration. Users can choose according to their own needs. It is best to buy directly produced by the manufacturer because they have advantages in hardware technology and personalized customized solutions. Top One Tech has more than ten years of history in this aspect, and it is a very trustworthy manufacturer of touch advertising screens.

You also need to pay attention to the choice of model, there are many sizes of touch advertising machine, so you should choose a suitable size according to your own specific needs when choosing. Generally speaking, if the touch advertising machine is used for self-service terminal query, the function is mainly for human-computer interaction and query, the size does not need to be too large; if it is used for interactive display, you can consider using a larger size one; if it is used for video conference teaching, you can choose 55 inches or more. The size is different, the configuration is different, and the corresponding price is also different.

Second, what suits you is the best

Many businesses believe that the higher the configuration of the touch advertising machine, the better. In fact, this is not correct. The high configuration not only increases the cost of investment, but also wastes a lot of cumbersome performance so that consumers need to spend more time to understand the relevant rules in advance. , It is easy to arouse their resentment. Therefore, the best choice is the one that suits you. Before buying, the merchant must clarify the application of the touch advertising machine, understand which functions they need, which are needed, and which are not needed. Only by understanding these can they truly take advantage of its advantages.

Third, the choice of the touch screen is very important

Frankly speaking, the most valuable part of the hardware of a touch advertising machine is the touch screen, because its pros and cons directly affect the display effect and user experience. As a human-computer interaction interface, there are many brands, technical principles, and product models of touch screens. The prices range from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The quality is different and the market is not standardized. At the same time, it is a fragile product, it is placed in a public place, has a high frequency of use, is greatly affected by transportation, dust, water vapor, and electromagnetic interference, and may even be scratched or violently damaged by hard objects, so the probability of damage is high. Therefore, when purchasing a touch advertising machine, you must choose a good touch screen that suits you, so that the above problems will not occur when it is running, which will affect the use of consumers and the brand image. Top One Tech can provide a waterproof, scratch-proof and dust-proof touch screen that can withstand the test of harsh environments.

Fourth, determine the touch technology

There are currently three common types of touch screens on the market: resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, and infrared touch screens. Capacitive touch screen technology has gradually replaced infrared touch screens and resistive touch screens. It can be made in small or large sizes, and the touch sensitivity and accuracy are high, easy to maintain, and have a long practical life. Therefore, the capacitive touch screen is still very good . Some dishonest suppliers in the market often change shoddy products and  the old ones to the good and new ones. Therefore, users must clarify the details when signing the contract, and check the authenticity during acceptance.

Fifth, choose a big brand to ensure after-sales service

A good brand can not only guarantee the quality of the product, but also guarantee perfect after-sales service, so that there is no worries after the purchase is completed. Merchants can choose imported branded products, although the price is high, but the quality and service are guaranteed. As a supplier of touch screen solutions in China, Top One Tech has been committed to the development and production of commercial display devices for many years. It not only provides users with high-quality hardware products, but also provides customers with advertising solutions suitable for them. We have established a complete after-sales service system that can respond to customer needs in a timely manner in many countries and regions.

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