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How to Choose A Touch Screen Manufacturer

How to Choose A Touch Screen Manufacturer


As touch screens become more and more popular, the application range is wider and wider, and more manufacturers make touch screens, and everyone's choices become diversified. So for some customers with relatively small orders, it will also cause problems when choosing. For example, if you choose a small-scale manufacturer, the unit price may be relatively low, but you are worried that the quality and after-sales cannot be guaranteed; if you choose a large-scale manufacturer, the quality and after-sales service are indeed guaranteed, but because of the small order quantity, many manufacturers do not accept orders.

Under this circumstance, how can we choose a suitable touch screen manufacturer as a supplier? Can we find a manufacturer that can guarantee product quality and after-sales issues without worrying about being rejected for fear of small orders? Of course, we can.

Key point of choosing a touch screen manufacturer

First, confirm the qualifications of the touch screen manufacturer.

The length of the establishment of a manufacturer determines its accumulation of original technology, and the honor that the manufacturer obtains is also the recognition from the touch screen industry and consumers. Therefore, it is very important to know the achievements of the manufacturer since its establishment.

 touch screen manufacturer

Second, confirm the technological level of touch screen manufacturers

The strength of science and technology is often an important criterion for judging whether an enterprise has core competitiveness or not. An enterprise with continuous innovation and a strong R&D team determines the sustainable development of this enterprise. The core technology of the touch screen is very important, including the design of the chip, the layout of the sensor, the design of the AD board, the technical level of screen bonding, and so on.

 touch screen

Third, confirm the content of manufacturer’s product

Next is the content of the product, depending on the type of the company’s product. There are many types of products to choose from, so they can meet your needs faster and better. Different product types reflect the company's production capacity and innovation ability to keep pace with the times, and it is also a reflection of the company's many and efficient production lines.

 touch screens

Fourth, confirm the manufacturer’s service advantages

In addition to ensuring the quality of the product and the qualification of the manufacturer, it is also necessary to understand the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. Good service can not only relieve us of the worries after purchasing products, but also a confident expression of the strength of the manufacturer. Whether the manufacturer can provide customized services, after-sales testing, installation guidance, maintenance, etc. can be seen as a reference to judge the standard.

 Custom touch screen manufacturer

Top One Tech is a factory established in 2010 with more than 10 years of touch screen manufacturing experience, and integrates the design, manufacturing and sales services of open frame touch screens, open frame touch screen displays, and touch all-in-one machines. The long history, technology accumulation, and huge R&D team make Top One Tech know how to touch and understand customer’s needs.

 Custom touch screen

All products of Top One Tech need to pass the quality inspection department for their accuracy, linearity, sensitivity, linearity, response speed, anti-interference ability, pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-moulding, smoke, explosion-proof and anti-crack, etc. before shipment. From the purchase of raw materials to the shipment, we have professional and experienced staff providing technical support to quickly solve design and production problems.

In addition, Top One Tech also specializes in providing casino game machines, vending machines, self-service machines, ATM machines, jukeboxes, education and other first-class products and services. It specializes in undertaking small-volume standard and non-standard touch screen customization, fast shipping while ensuring quality. Each product has passed FCC, CE certification, and can be delivered to every part of the world. 


Focusing on the research, development and production of touch screens, bringing good products and services to each customer, these inspire Top One Tech to make continuous progresses and innovation. No matter what your imagination is, Top One Tech will do its best to make it a reality.

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