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How to choose a touch screen?

How to choose a touch screen?


The development of industrial technology has made touch technology continue to improve, become mature, and improve efficiency,  also caused the manufacturing costs of related products to continue to decline. Because of the convenience of the touch screen, the application of interactive devices in the industrial world is further simplified. Therefore, the application of touch screen technology to today's industrial equipment is also increasing. When we choose the touch screen, in addition to considering the quality of the product and stable after-sales service, we should also choose the appropriate product according to the actual use environment and application of the product. Let's talk about the direction of its selection based on the actual operating environment of our Top One Tech manufacturing plant.

In the usual environment of a touch screen manufacturing plant, the first thing we have to consider is humidity, oil, dust, water ingress, vibration and other common environmental problems in the operation of touch screen manufacturing.

1. Moisture-proof

First of all, the problem of humid environment. If the equipment is in a relatively humid environment for a long time, excessive humidity will cause oxidation and corrosion of components such as the LED display, power supply, and power cord, which will then cause equipment failure. Therefore, when we choose products, we need to choose products that have anti-corrosion treatment on the PCB board in the product when making the LED display, for example,  coat the surface with three yellow paint, and select high-quality accessories for the power supply and power cord , because the welds are the most easily corroded, and protection needs to be done, especially the welds of the frame part, which are more prone to rust, and need to be treated with rust prevention.

2. Anti-fouling

In many manufacturing plants, the oil and dust of that equipment are stuck together, and the display will be blurred if it is not handled in time. If it is used for a long time, the oil will penetrate through the slits on the edge of the display and cause some internal integrated circuit boards to not work properly. Top One Tech will pay full attention to these problems during the manufacturing process, deal with large oil stains in time, and do a good job in daily maintenance.

3. Dust-proof

Long-term accumulation of dust will also affect the operation accuracy and service life of the equipment, and it is easier to cause the surface of the LED display to be blurred and unable to work. When making the mask, use excellent materials, and it is best to seal it all around. So choosing a dust-proof touch screen is also a factor that needs to be considered.

4. Waterproof

The waterproofing of the device must first consider the dripping water droplets. Generally speaking, even if the waterproofing of the touch screen manufacturer's environment is more comprehensive, water may penetrate from the surface of the touch panel. Therefore, waterproof measures should be taken in all directions. When choosing a monitor, you can request a waterproof test on the monitor to verify its quality.

5. Shockproof

As an objective factor in the use of equipment, this problem is often subconsciously ignored in daily maintenance. But you must be aware that in a vibrating environment, the display may shake off for a long time, causing the wiring to fall off or cause other parts to be scattered. Therefore, we should choose touch-screen products with shock-proof strength higher than the amplitude of mechanical vibration.

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