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How to choose a suitable for their own requirements of led display

by:Toponetech     2021-01-27
in recent years is developing very rapidly, may say in all sorts of instructions, display, the common areas such as photographs or a night view of the city has a very good play. Roughly divided into: indoor touch display, outdoor touch display screen and so on. But in different companies, focusing on the marketing strategy will be different, there are some company emphasises the price war, but in terms of the quality of materials, the performance of the product are not so good, small make up remind here, must not covet is cheap, buy some more inferior the unqualified products, eventually lead to regret. How consumers in complex numerous and complicated market led to choose a suitable led display? Below small make up for your simple summarized several points: 1. Failure rate, failure rate is mainly refers to the led display to the assembly aging failure rates should not be more than three days before the shipment of three over ten thousand. 2. Antistatic ability. 3. Flatness 4. 5 brightness and visual Angle. The white balance effect is 6. Color reducibility of 7. 8 dead point, Mosaic phenomenon. Presence of color piece. 256 on a standard outdoor led display how to determine whether the next outdoor led display with good point spacing
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