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How to choose a qualified indoor full-color LED display?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-14
How to choose a qualified indoor full-color touch display? Here are some tips for everyone: 1. The most critical material LED chip lamp beads (you need to know the wick brand used in this product, such as high-end Taiwan Epistar, regular domestic Xiamen Sanan, etc., and the choice of packaging manufacturers is also very important. It is best to choose a more famous packaging manufacturer, common high-end such as National Star, China Power, Conventional Mulinsen, Hongsheng, Xinguangtai, etc.). 2. The brain driver IC of the display screen is also a crucial accessory, equivalent to the human brain. Without it, even the best touch display screen will not light up and can not display the picture normally. The high-end has Taiwan Accumulation, conventional There are domestic Fuman Electronics, Jichuang North and so on. 3. For the power supply for the display screen, the quality of the power supply will directly affect the life of the module. It is best not to make it cheap. Inferior power supplies are easily burned out, or the output voltage is unstable, the voltage is not pure, the interference is large, or even If it causes a fire, it is recommended to buy a brand-name power supply or a power supply with more market users as the first choice, and then consider a cost-effective power supply. A power supply that is too cheap is generally not a good power supply. Common high-end Yuhengyuan, Chuanglian, and Juneng , The conventional ones are Chenglian, Friendship and so on.
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