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How to Choose A Projected Capacitive Touch Screen?

How to Choose A Projected Capacitive Touch Screen?


Capacitive touch screens have many advantages, such as sturdiness and durability, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. Using this technology, users only need to tap the text or symbols on the screen with their fingers to operate the host and interact with the screen, making the human-computer interaction more straightforward.

Capacitive Touch Screen

Choose A Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

1. Surface acoustic wave touch screen: pure glass material, good light transmission, long service life, strong scratch resistance, suitable for all kinds of public places. But it is afraid of long-term accumulation of dust and oil pollution, so the requirements for the environment are higher.

2. Infrared induction touch screen: The resolution is low, but it is not interfered by current, voltage and static electricity, and is suitable for some harsh environmental conditions; it is suitable for various public places and offices without infrared and strong light interference and industrial controlled scene where the requirements are not very precise

3. Projected capacitive Touch Screen: The choice between capacitive technology and resistive technology mainly depends on the object that touches the screen. If it is touched by a finger, a Projected capacitive touch screen is a better choice. Projected capacitive touch screens can support multi-touch technology, and are afraid of electromagnetic field interference and drift, and are not easy to use in industrial controlled places and places with interference. It can be used for public information inquiries that require less precision.

4. Four-wire resistive touch screen: It is not afraid of dust, oil, and photoelectric interference. The main defect is the fear of scratches. Suitable for public places with fixed users, such as industrial controlled sites, offices, homes, etc.

5. Five-wire resistive touch screen: good sensitivity and light transmittance, long service life, not afraid of dust, oil and photoelectric interference, suitable for all kinds of public places, especially suitable for precision industrial controlled sites, etc.

How to distinguish the quality of industrial displays?

1. Understand the system that the product is equipped with

The stability of the system determines the effect of equipment running, and different industries have different requirements for it. Obviously, in the system operation of my country's industrial-grade display equipment, consumers have a variety of development software options, and they want to quickly carry this kind of development data and ensure better operating results, so we need to understand the software system carried by the system and use it as a core reference.

industrial displays

2. Know the material and structure used in the product

The structure of the product and the materials used will directly affect the service life of our products. For industrial displays, in order to ensure stable application under the working environment, it is indispensable to use more durable materials and better structure. Therefore, we must also have a understanding of it when select industrial displays.

Top One Tech Limited not only provides cost-effective projected capacitive touch screens, but also supports touch screen customization services to ensure that each monitor is equipped with a good system and uses good materials and structures to fully meet customer needs.

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