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How to choose a good multi-touch display for a casino slot machine

How to choose a good multi-touch display for a casino slot machine


With the advent of the age of intelligence. Touch monitors are becoming more and more popular, especially in casino slot machines. The touch monitor is to use the finger directly on the touch screen to perform touch operations, without the need for a mouse and a keyboard, and also supports multi-touch. Since there are many brands and manufacturers of multi-touch display screens on the market, the brand of the manufacturer is very important when purchasing a multi-touch display, because a multi-touch display produced by a good manufacturer's brand is better than small manufacturers without strength in the screen display, touch operation, etc. , application performance, service life and other aspects. So, how should users choose the multi-touch display of the touch all-in-one? Below, Top One Tech will introduce you to a few points to pay attention to when choosing a multi-touch touch display:

multi-touch monitor use on slot

1. The quality of the LCD screen: see clearly what kind of LCD screen is used. The quality of the ordinary LCD screen and the industrial-grade LCD screen is very different, and the price is very different.

2. Look at the appearance of the display screen: a good quality display screen must be tightly closed, no light leakage, good material and touch. Because this is an important part of protecting the display.

3. High-definition color reproduction: You can use high-definition movie pictures to test, screen response speed and dynamic contrast. The light-color scene switching can more intuitively observe the performance of the display screen in terms of contrast and color.

4. Brightness, chroma, saturation: whether the three primary colors of RGB can achieve a very good balance, whether it looks comfortable, whether the color is full and uniform, and whether the temperature of the display screen is normal after a long time.


5. Gray scale: The test of gray scale and color scale has always been an important consideration for the LCD screen, which is used to evaluate the gray scale transition ability and black and white conversion ability of the LCD screen. The more obvious the contrast, the stronger the ability of the LCD screen to process color images.


6. True and false multi-touch, whether the touch is sensitive: The touch and sensitivity of the multi-touch screen are very important. When purchasing, you must patiently and carefully test whether the touch is sensitive and the response is sensitive. It is necessary to seriously test whether it is a real multi-touch screen, multi-point writing is continuous, and the touch does not drift.

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