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How To Choose A Cost-effective Touch All-in-one Computer

How To Choose A Cost-effective Touch All-in-one Computer


Touch all-in-one computer is a kind of human-computer interaction smart device, mainly composed of the computer host, LCD touch, audio, network, and other modules. With the widespread use of touch all-in-ones, more and more manufacturers are interested in its market and have invested in this market. This has led to the current flood of brands, uneven product quality, and a wide variety of products. If you want to choose a suitable and cost-effective touch all-in-one computer, what aspects should I consider? Here are some suggestions from Top One Tech:

1. LCD screen

Liquid crystal display is very important, and the quality of the screen directly affects the display effect and user experience of the touch screen. A high-spec LCD monitor has high color reproduction and more stable performance. Frankly speaking, the most valuable part of a touch all-in-one hardware is a high-quality LCD screen. Because the quality of the LCD screen directly affects the display effect and user experience of the touch all-in-one computer, a good touch all-in-one must be The highest specification LCD screen is used as the core hardware of the whole machine. Take Top One Tech's touch all-in-one computer as an example, the LCD screen used in their touch all-in-one machine is basically based on the original brand LCD screen, and we choose the industrial grade-A model of the original brand, this is the basic point of LCD screen selection.

2. Touch technology

At present, the most widely used touch technologies mainly include capacitive, resistive, and infrared touch. Capacitive touch technology has gradually matured, with very high sensitivity, a longer service life, and superior stability. At the same time, it also supports ten-point touch, which is generally used in the relatively small size of the product. With the investment in technology research and development, many powerful manufacturers have been able to manufacture larger-size capacitive screens. So it is recommended to choose a capacitive touch all-in-one computer.

3. Host configuration

The host resource configuration of the touch all-in-one computer is actually similar to the configuration of the computer. It is basically composed of several main sections such as motherboard, CPU, memory, and hard disk. Top One Tech's touch all-in-one computer can be reasonably configured according to the actual development needs of different users use low-power, high-performance industrial-grade motherboards, and high-strength processors, which makes the touch all-in-one computer run more smoothly;

4. Functional application

The functional application of a touch all-in-one computer is one of the important factors to measure its cost performance. It integrates the functions of a TV, a computer, and a monitor, and uses touch operations to replace the mouse and keyboard. Basically, it has the functions that the computer can achieve. The touch all-in-one computer with different types of touch software can also achieve more functions, such as school teaching, shopping mall display, conference training, information query, and many other scenarios.

5. Select the size carefully

Touch all-in-one computer have various sizes, the common sizes are between 7" and 65", with different sizes, the prices are different. In addition, touch all-in-one computer’s different prices are also shown in different configuration requirements, different sizes, and different material choices. So when you choose an all-in-one computer, you can first contact the manufacturer of the touch all-in-one computer to find out the prices of different models of products. You can make a decision after comparison.

6. After-sales guarantee

All the previous aspects have been selected. Finally, it depends on the manufacturer's after-sales service and technical team. A machine will inevitably have problems in the future. When it fails, a good manufacturer can give you a good solution.

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